Why Phaedra Parks Isn’t Fazed by Her Fellow Traitors

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If you aren’t tuning into The Traitors Season 2, why are you sleeping on it? Alan Cumming is hosting a batch of reality television stars at a castle in the Scottish countryside. The contestants compete in challenges to add money to the prize pot while playing a grueling mental game.

While most of the group are designated as Faithfuls, Alan secretly selected two Traitors. Real Housewives of Atlanta alum Phaedra Parks and Big Brother winner Dan Gheesling joined forces to murder a Faithful each night. The duplicitous duo invited Parvati Shallow of Survivor to become a Traitor. As a side note, I love Parvati’s headband choices.

Of course, the goal is to make it to the end and win their share of up to $250,000. Any Faithfuls will split the prize unless a Traitor survives. Then the Traitor takes all. During episode four, it was revealed that Parvati poisoned unsuspecting Ekin-Su Cülcünloğlu. It was a quick decision since Parvati was committing the murder in front of other players.

This development upset Phaedra because she was the only person who voted to banish Ekin at the previous night’s round table. This was the start of a crack between Phaedra and her fellow Traitors. Plus, both Dan and Parvati are threatened by Phaedra. She was well-liked and no one suspected her. As for the former RHOA peach? Phaedra remained unfazed by her fellow Traitors. Let’s unpack all the drama.

Parvati Threw Suspicion on the Real Housewives

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Both Parvati and Dan realized that Phaedra was devious enough to stay undetected. And that was dangerous to their game. During a private chat, Dan said to Parvati, “I don’t want to be the first to shoot but we gotta give them some blood.” This was a red flag for Phaedra, but she didn’t know that her co-conspirators were plotting to oust her.

This discussion led to Parvati’s decision to direct everyone’s attention to the Real Housewives clique. Besides Phaedra, Larsa Pippen from The Real Housewives of Miami, RHOA star Shereé Whitfield, and Tamra Judge from The Real Housewives of Orange County are also in the game. Mercedes “MJ” Javid from Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset also linked up with this group.

During the roundtable, Parvati stated that one of the housewives must be a Traitor. She mentioned that housewives “perform” on their shows. Well, damn! Parvati not only put them up for banishment but insinuated that they act on their shows.

“Don’t come for the Housewives, honey. We are not a game,” Phaedra said. “So, don’t do the Housewives thing, honey. Don’t do that, Parvati.” In the end, Larsa was banished, breaking up the four housewives. Phaedra was furious.

Phaedra Issued a Warning

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When the traitorous trio met that night, Phaedra wasted no time checking Dan and Parvati. “For you to go in there and try to throw me under the bus. When you do things like that, it brings attention to me,” Phaedra stated. “No one likes you, Parvati. Everyone says you’re a f*cking Traitor.” Tell us how you really feel, Phaedra!

She continued, “We can be in this game together, but you’re going to play fair. And if you don’t, you ‘gon have more problems than a Faithful. I’m playing very fair with you, so don’t do that to me,” Phaedra stated. “Both of you.” 

Parvati delivered an apology and allowed Phaedra to decide who to murder. Goodbye, Tamra! Her warning to her fellow Traitors showed that Phaedra isn’t fazed by their gameplay. Her co-conspirators may be experienced, but Phaedra is more than holding her own.

Dan Decided to Target Phaedra

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The Bachelor star Peter Weber suspected both Dan and Parvati of being Traitors, along with CT Tamburello. So, Peter set a trap. He told CT, Dan, and Parvati in confidence that he and Janelle Pierzina had the shields. However, Trishelle Cannatella and Carsten “Bergie” Bergersen had the shields.

Bergie was outspoken about thinking that Dan was a Traitor, so Dan insisted on murdering him. Parvati and Phaedra both voiced their concerns, but Dan was confident that Peter had the shield.

So, when Bergalicious waltzed into breakfast, very much alive, Dan and Parvati knew that they were caught. At that night’s roundtable, they were the targets. So, Dan made a big move that made Phaedra big mad.

Dan claimed that he had been watching Phaedra since the beginning. He threw out the fact that she voted for Ekin-Su, and that Ekin was murdered the next day, as proof. He also mentioned her “extra” reactions to the murders in the breakfast room. Kate Chastain chimed in, “Have you seen her?” And, finally, he pointed out that she was beloved by everyone, and no one suspected her.

So, why target Phaedra and not Parvati, who was already sus? “Everyone liked her, and no one suspected her. And until I brought her name up, no one even considered her,” Dan told Variety. “To me, that is really dangerous and I hope she takes that as a sign of respect. I went after you because I didn’t think I could beat you in the end.” I don’t think that Phaedra was feeling the love, Dan.

Attorney Parks Clocked In

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Then Phaedra went to work. She systematically dismissed all of Dan’s claims. Phaedra reminded everyone that she wrote down Ekin-Su because of her tussle with Janelle. “I’m very extra baby. I do too much because you do too little,” Phaedra told Dan. Her skill as an attorney allowed her to rip Dan’s argument apart.

She also heaped more suspicion on Dan. “Well, either way, you have knowledge of this game so if there was really a mastermind, it sure wouldn’t be a dolled-up housewife. That would not be it,” she told him. After writing down Dan’s name, Phaedra put the final nail in his coffin. “Baby, you deflected on the wrong one and you’re gonna learn tonight,” she said.

Phaedra demonstrated that she was more than capable of defending herself at the roundtable. While Trishelle suspected that Dan would only try to out another Traitor, everyone else seems to consider Phaedra a Faithful.

The way that she decimated Dan at the roundtable shows that Phaedra isn’t fazed by her fellow Traitors. And since Parvati was already given a warning by Phaedra, I doubt that she will make a move against her soon.