Denise Richards
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Denise Richards Addresses OnlyFans Collab With Daughter Sami Sheen Claims

Denise Richards is clearing the air over a strange OnlyFans post related to her daughter Sami Sheen. The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star made an OF post in October asking if she should “do another collaboration soon” with Sami.

People were understandably confused about the post and it was later deleted. For those unaware, OnlyFans is a platform used mostly by creators to sell adult content. Denise joined the platform in 2022. However, Denise reportedly joined the platform as a show of solidarity with her daughter, Sami, who joined at the same time.

Sami’s choice to join OF was criticized by many, including her father, Charlie Sheen. Denise then received criticism for apparently suggesting a collab. Stigmas aside, such a suggestion raised eyebrows, to put it lightly. Denise has now clarified the comment.

Denise on motherhood, the supposed OnlyFans “collab,” and her risqué career

On the most recent episode of The Viall Files podcast, Denise criticized those who sprung on her for her OF post. “They’re so judgmental to me,” she said, “and people are like, ‘How can you do this? Your daughter.’” She then clarified with surety, “I didn’t collaborate with my daughter.”

She explained, “Did I do a picture with my daughter’s faces and I that was on social media? Yes. Did I collaborate with my daughter for like, a sexual OnlyFans shoot? Abso-f*cking-lutely not. That is not true. I haven’t even been on my daughter’s site. I was protecting her as a young woman coming into this industry, being judged.”

Denise then lamented her case as a mother who worked in the sex industry, saying, “Because it’s not fair that – whether people agree or not, and it’s easy to judge – how can I judge stuff with some of the things I’ve done in my career?”

She went on, “Like when I was in Wild Things and I did Playboy, did I ever think, ‘Oh gosh, one day when my kids are older…’ You don’t think about that stuff because it seems so far away. Well, then that day comes and you’re like, ‘Well sh*t – I have to deal with this.’ It’s hard.”

We’re glad that’s all cleared up. Because many of us were confused for a minute.

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