Why a Madison LeCroy Southern Charm Spin-Off Would Be Amazing

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Madison LeCroy joined the Southern Charm cast as the then-girlfriend of Austen Kroll in Season 6. Luckily, this relationship failed, as Madison grew tired of the ole “Muppet mouth” man, which, same. As for Austin, he’s still out there, muddying the streets of Charleston, making the same mistakes he always makes. Yet, we are happy for Madison, because she has since snagged and married a drama-free man.

As for her time on Bravo, when she first debuted, it took several beats for her to find her place. It’s not easy filming alongside known-favorites, such as Cameran Eubanks, Chelsea Meissner, Naomie Olindo, and even the controversial Kathryn Dennis. However, as the years rolled by, Madison’s quick wit and precious bond with her son began to draw viewers in. The appreciation for Madison ramped up even more once all four of these women left this series.

As for why, well, Madison calls out the double standards of her southern co-stars, and she isn’t afraid of confrontations. This has helped in moving various storylines along. In addition, she’s not only funny, she’s also an excellent mother and a loyal girls girl, through and through. Basically, Madison is perfect on Southern Charm, as her foot stays on the necks of her co-stars, and her words either leave us all agreeing or laughing, with small instances of bad decisions on the side, because she’s good at her job as a reality television star.

Overall, viewers are (mostly) all-in for this Southern hairdresser now, and on Reddit, many are even calling for multiple Madison LeCroy Southern Charm spin-offs. We have to admit, several of their ideas are one’s that we would totally watch. Truly, we think that Madison would be amazing in any of these spin-off ideas, and we’ll explain why now.

Madison and Patricia’s “Sweet Tea”

Madison LeCroy/Instagram

Madison and Patricia Altschul are two of the best personalities on Southern Charm, if you ask us. As Madison is Patricia’s hairdresser and close friend, these two women are used to shooting the breeze together, and often. And gracious, can these ladies knock back their drinks. Did someone say chambongs?

Honestly, these two are hysterical together, and it seems like the fans agree. We say this because the most liked spin-off idea was “Her and Patricia need their own little gossip segment…” This idea currently has 103 upvotes. As for the specifics of this concept, several viewers commented that this spin-off could be like a re-watch-styled series, where Patricia and Madison comment on each Southern Charm episode as it airs.

We went ahead and named this series “Sweet Tea,” as we can see it all pretty clearly. Whitney Sudler-Smith can serve the ladies drinks, often, while they lounge and exchange barbs about each current season. Madison’s commentary would be amazing, and with Patricia as an added-on bonus, this Southern Charm spin-off might just work.

A Hair Salon Reality Series, Anyone?

Madison LeCroy/Instagram

The Southern Charm Season 9 finale showed Whitney opening up his own speakeasy inside his mother’s former butler’s house. Never grow up, Whit. Similarly, several seasons ago, Madison opened up her own hair salon in Charleston. However, her shop has since closed because you can’t win ’em all.

That said, Madison still has the know-how to do this all over again, as she is a licensed hairstylist. A few fans have pointed this out, saying that a reality television series that is based inside of a hair salon could be pretty fun to watch. Cue Tabatha Takes Over, just replace the name Tabatha with Madison, ammiright? Despite the similarities to an already been there done that series, on this spin-off, Madison might become the next Leva Bonaparte, as her series could showcase her managing a team of young, hip hairdressers.

As a mother already, Madison would thrive in this mother-hen role. She’d likely even participate in her staff banters. Therefore, we think that Madison would be amazing in this type of spin-off series, and we’d happily volunteer, any day, to sit in her seat.

Real Housewives of Charleston

Madison LeCroy/Instagram

This season, Madison and Craig Conover‘s evolving friendship has been fun to watch. As Madison is newly married and has a mid-aged son, her storylines aren’t as over-the-top these days. Likewise, Craig is now an established business owner who is in a steady relationship with Paige DeSorbo. Despite the red flags in Craig and Paige’s relationship, he seems hell-bent on making things work, and has hence forged a double-dating-worthy friendship with Madison and her husband, Brett Randle.

The final spin-off idea that the viewers had was to create a Real Housewives series set in Charleston, starring Madison, Paige, and Craig, alongside any others who might be cast. One of the most touching scenes we’ve ever seen on Southern Charm was in Season 9, after Madison’s son was in tears from being bullied and bitten. Madison took her man-baby into her arms and comforted him, before expressing how pained situations like these made her. A good Real Housewives star knows how to be candid, raw, and real, and as we’ve already seen, Madison is amazing at this, so we have no doubts that she’d shine in this given spin-off role.

Also, Madison’s tagline already wrote itself this season; “I’m not a fish.”