Everything We Know About Sandoval’s New Girlfriend Victoria Lee Robinson

Tom Sandoval
(Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images)

Tom Sandoval is dating someone new. The Vanderpump Rules star recently confirmed he is in a relationship with model Victoria Lee Robinson. The romance is still fresh but he appears to be completely head over heels. Sandoval hard launched their relationship at the end of last month, sharing a photo of him and Victoria getting cozy in a January 31 Instagram Story. So, who is the new woman in Sandoval’s life? Here is everything we know about his new girlfriend Victoria Lee Robinson.

She’s a Model

(Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for House of Barrie)

Victoria is a 31-year-old model living in Los Angeles. She’s worked with the reputable agency Ford Modeling and has over 300,000 followers on Instagram. Her social media is private, which means she’s either not interested in becoming an influencer or had to switch to private mode to fend off Sandoval haters.

Sandoval gushed about new gf’s career success on his friend Billie Lee’s podcast, “Billie and The Kid,” this month. “[Victoria] is a model, she works a lot, and she is very successful,” he shared. He also noted that despite her success, she still manages to stay down to earth. “She is just a very sweet, thoughtful person,” he told Billie.

Victoria Has Ties to Leonardo DiCaprio

(Photo by VALERIE MACON / AFP) (Photo by VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images)

Dating a man who makes headlines is nothing new for Victoria. In 2016, the model was linked to actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Hugeeee flex. According to Ok! Magazine, the two were spotted leaving a Justin Bieber concert together, which sparked romance rumors.

Unfortunately, no one knows much about the relationship or why it ended. Victoria is now 31, which means she would’ve been about 23/24 in 2016, dangerously close to Leo’s expiration date for women. We don’t know what happened between these two, but Victoria turning the ancient age of 25 might have had something to do with it.

She’s Sandoval’s New ‘Addiction’

(Billie and The Kid Podcast/YouTube)

Sandoval is currently very smitten with his girlfriend, and it seems he fell hard and fast. On Billie Lee’s podcast, he went so far as to call Victoria his latest “addiction.”

“This week, my addiction of the week is definitely my friend Victoria…She’s super awesome. She’s one of the sweetest people,” he said. “I’ve known her for a super long time, but we went on our first date last night. It was awesome. It was very adventurous. A little crazy.”

Sandoval is head over heels for Victoria, but his new girlfriend is also making inroads with Tom’s friend group as well. On the podcast, Billie shared a sweet story about the model gifting her flowers after someone broke into her car.

“Victoria literally had those flowers waiting for me [at Sandoval’s house] and the cutest card saying that I’m sorry you had a hard day and I hope this makes you smile,” Billie recounted. Okay, she seems like an angel.

Victoria Is a Supportive Girlfriend


You can catch Victoria in the audience of a Sandoval and The Most Extras show cheering on her man. The 31-year-old has been spotted at a couple of the VPR star’s gigs. Most recently, Billie Lee captured a PDA moment between the two lovebirds at Sandoval’s show in Ventura, California. During his performance, a shirtless Sandoval leaned over and started making out with Victoria. Billie shared the footage in an Instagram Story alongside text that read, “My new favorite couple.”

Honestly, Victoria is a saint for going to those shows. We can’t unsee Sandoval’s cover of Hey Ya!

Fans Suspect Victoria Is a PR Stunt


While some fans support Sandoval’s new romance, others aren’t convinced the relationship is even real. The popular Instagram account Glorified Gossip Girl shared a theory about the relationship in a February 8 Instagram post.

“Her voice and how she talks and laughs is something else. Them almost kissing a few times, the way they act together, it’s just all so weird. It confirms my suspicions that it’s PR—way too much all at once,” she captioned the post.

Other fans agreed that the two seemed to be putting it on for the cameras. “This seems way too all of a sudden and fake, and it’s a bit cringe,” one Instagram user wrote. “This feels so fake,” another user added.

We have no idea if Sandoval and Victoria are the real deal. We’ll have to wait and see where the relationship goes.