Tom Sandoval’s Most Narcissistic Tendencies

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Tom Sandoval got called a narcissist a lot throughout the Vanderpump Rules Season 10 reunion. The label stuck to him so much that he addressed it on his podcast. Then, to be fair, Sandoval passed a narcissist test that was conducted by Dr. Drew Pinsky. But test or no test, there’s no doubt that Sandoval has some narcissistic tendencies. He’s displayed them on and off the show for years.

Nothing Is Ever Sandoval’s Fault


To quote Dayna Craig’s poem “The Narcissist’s Prayer,” Sandoval jumps from “that didn’t happen” to “if it did, it wasn’t that bad” to “and if it is, that’s not my fault.” Sandoval shows no remorse and takes no accountability.

On his recent Two T’s In A Pod appearance, Sandoval placed the blame for the affair on Rachel Leviss. He claimed that she made the first move, as if that absolved him of responsibility. Then, he actually had the audacity to shame Rachel for blaming other people.

Before he turned on Rachel, Sandoval put all the blame on Ariana Madix. Viewers saw him craft a narrative in Season 10 to make Ariana the villain. He attempted to portray her as unsupportive and lazy. By contrast, he tried to come across as an innocent stuck in a bad relationship who did it all for love.

Sandoval Lacks Empathy

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Narcissistic tendencies include being inconsiderate of other people’s feelings, wants, and needs. One of Sandoval’s biggest red flags in Season 3 was his response to Ariana’s grief on her birthday. As his then-girlfriend cried over the loss of her father, Sandoval said he’d be there when she needed him…but was going to Las Vegas to play with bulldozers the next day.

This was only one moment where Sandoval displayed a shocking lack of empathy. At the reunion, he was asked about taking money from his mom’s retirement to pay for Schwartz & Sandy’s. His response was to shrug it off, showing he doesn’t care how his actions impact his own mother’s financial well being.

He also wasn’t there for Ariana as she grieved the loss of her dog and her grandmother in Season 10. And he continues to make digs at the woman he once claimed to love, despite all the pain his actions already caused her.

Maybe Sandoval should take a page from Erika Jayne‘s book and ask a therapist how to have empathy.

Sandoval Uses People

Rachel Leviss

Narcissistic tendencies inform relationships with other people. Sandoval uses and manipulates others for his own gain. People began feeling bad for Rachel once it became clear how much he preyed on her vulnerability. Now, Rachel recognizes how manipulative Sandoval is. Naturally, he began trashing her as soon as she called that out.

Sandoval Is Obsessed With His Image


Say what you will about Stassi Schroeder, but she clocked Sandoval’s narcissistic tendencies years ago. At Stassi’s book signing in Season 7, Sandoval threw a tantrum. When Stassi accused him of being jealous, Sandoval said appearing jealous is literally his worst fear. While this is a bizarre thing to call your worst fear, it completely tracks that Sandoval relates to his image.

Sandoval was obviously jealous of Stassi’s fame and success at that moment. His ego was also clearly bruised by the fact that she asked Lisa Vanderpump for permission instead of him. In Sandoval’s eyes, this undermines his role as the owner of TomTom. Even though, in reality, he only owned 5%.

A business owner should be glad to host an event that has a great turnout. But another narcissistic tendency Sandoval has is that he can’t stand when others get attention for their accomplishments. After all, let’s not forget about his reaction to Ariana’s cocktail book in Season 5.

Sandoval Acts Like He’s Above Others


Sandoval spent years displaying a holier-than-thou attitude. Once Scandoval came out, clips of him deriding others for cheating and hooking up with their significant other’s friends instantly went viral. To quote the Mayo Clinic, narcissistic tendencies include reacting “with rage or contempt and try to belittle other people to make themselves appear superior.” That sure sounds like Sandoval, especially at the Season 10 reunion.

In previous seasons, Sandoval saw himself as more “worthy” than his castmates. To bring up the cocktail book again, Sandoval reacted by diminishing Ariana’s bartending career. At the Season 6 reunion, he even threw a tantrum over Stassi getting undeserved attention from Lisa as a party planner. Never mind that this was an obviously fake storyline, or that Lisa had just granted him a bar.

Sandoval Needs Constant Admiration

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When Ariana confronted Sandoval over the affair, she called him out for needing someone to “gas you up.” It’s very clear that’s what attracted him to Rachel, who acted like a fangirl. However, as Ariana said, she loved him even when he had nothing. But she also saw him as a flawed human being, and that wouldn’t cut it.

Sandoval Has An Over-Inflated Ego

Tom Sandoval/Instagram

Sandoval follows the classic narcissistic tendency of thinking he’s more accomplished and talented than he actually is. The man seems to think he’s Harry Styles. In reality, he’s a mediocre singer, and his cover band feels more like a midlife crisis than some great success.