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Tom Sandoval Addresses Criticism After Damaging Nick Viall Podcast Appearance

There are two things that resident Vanderpump Rules villain, Tom Sandoval, always has handy: 1. the audacity, and 2. excuses. So, it comes as no surprise that he whipped out both to try to defend himself against criticism after his comically disastrous appearance on former Bachelorette contestant Nick Viall’s podcast, The Viall Files.

Tom recently took to his own podcast to attempt to address the flack he received in the aftermath and explain away some of his comments and poor behavior.

Sandoval said grief caused him to be “kinda out of [his] mind”

Tom had a noteworthy performance on the January 30 episode of The Viall Files. After showing up super late, he had a chaotic demeanor and his interview answers vacillated between being a philosopher, musing on his post-Scandoval enlightenment journey to then blaming Ariana Madix for pushing him to cheat with Rachel Leviss because Ariana “belittled” him. Rinse and repeat.

The situation got more contentious when Nick, who starred along Tom on Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test last year, confronted Sandoval about his tardiness. Tom retorted by accusing Nick of once arriving an hour late to his podcast, Everybody Loves Tom. Nick and his fiancée had receipts that proved otherwise.

Of course thereafter, the internet did not smile upon Tom. So, he took to Everybody Loves Tom on February 8 to give some insight into his bizarreness that day.

Sandoval and his shockingly loyal sidekick, Tom Schwartz, dissected the Viall Files interview. Schwartz, ever the diplomat, suggested it wasn’t Sandoval’s “best performance.”

Sandy then explained his late arrival by sharing the emotional turmoil he experienced the night before due to the recent impact of his close friend Ali Rafiq’s May 2023 death.

He recounted, “It’s been at times, initially, maybe compartmentalized or because other things have happened. Recently it’s really, really been hitting me. And that night, the night before the podcast, was the first time it really f*cking hit me. And I was literally up all night just sobbing.”

Sandoval added, “I was just kinda out of my mind because of that and emotionally, mentally, just f*cking sideways.” He acknowledged his tardiness and was upset by Nick’s critical remarks. Tom said he’d never treat anyone that way. Pause here for a bout of hearty cackling.

“I can’t personally imagine having somebody on our podcast and calling them or referring to them as a loser or talking down about them or whatever. I get his audience, I just, I would never stoop to that level,” whined Tom.

Schwartz tried to talk Sandy down, suggesting that Nick’s insistence on punctuality was simply because he “runs a tight ship,” and that overall, Sandoval being late wasn’t a huge issue. Does it come as any surprise that this bootleg Dumb and Dumber duo has no regard for professional standards?

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