How Karen Huger Makes RHOP Season 8 Watchable

Karen Huger sitting outside and talking to her husband Ray Huger during Real Housewives of Potomac Season 8 episode 9
Photo Credit: Bravo/YouTube

The Grand Dame of the Real Housewives of Potomac is always entertaining to watch. Whether it is her wig blowing in the wind or reading the women in her group, Karen Huger doesn’t come to play. The mother of two is on a mission to bring about a legacy for herself that kicked off when she turned triple 20. The OG hasn’t stopped performing, and season after season, viewers tune in just to watch what she will get up to next.

Karen might be one of my favorite Real Housewives of all time since she is utterly fabulous. There is something for everyone between the mime scene, holding a press conference with peanuts, wearing a full-body catsuit, and sending out a singing invitation. Karen brings the pettiness and delusionality that the series needs without worrying what anyone will think of her. Karen is the type of housewife who is super nice and supportive until the heat turns up on her. Then she completely deflects and projects on everyone else to take that heat off her.

Karen Is a Perfect Housewife

Karen Huger/Instagram

You can’t argue that RHOP Season 8 Karen is the epitome of a perfect housewife as she is kooky, with a large sense of self and thoroughly entertaining. She has already had a few great one-liners and has a crucial plot point on Potomac (even if it is being obsessed with Robyn Dixon.) Karen is mature in mind, body, and spirit as viewers are watching her give back to her community and take her heart health seriously. 

Karen Holds the Group Accountable

Karen Huger/Instagram

During Episode 6, Karen was not enjoying having to paint her image of a vagina, so instead, she took it upon herself to call out Robyn and Juan Dixon’s “Jaundering’ ways. See what I did there? She told the mother of two, “I feel like you selectively speak to one pocket of the friendship circle. And in doing so, you certainly divide the group.” Karen then took her comedic timing to her confessional.

Karen will go down as one of the greatest prop comedians of our time. She whipped out a bonnet as she noted that Robyn reminded her of a polygamous woman willing to stand by Juan no matter how badly he stepped out of their union, noting her friend just needed to bonnet. What an icon! The bonnet work deserves an award, honestly. 

Karen Works Hard for Her Money

Surry County/YouTube

I found it so moving when Karen was discussing how she now owns a home on the same plantation her ancestors worked on. Surry County has been a big storyline for the Grand Dame, and RHOP Season 8 is showing even more of her pride and joy. The last episode showed Karen, who was wearing Chanel sneakers, putting her friends to work as they pulled weeds. I swear Karen is the only one working hard for her Bravo paycheck. 

Karen was “raised a certain way,” but I couldn’t stop laughing as she marched the women out in overalls while she wore a gown. Make it make sense! The mother of two jokingly noted she was leading by example as she single-handedly dragged a hoe through the muck. 

Karen’s Fear of Chickens

Karen Huger/Instagram

Some people have fears of spiders or sharks, but Karen fears the dirty bird. We learned of Karen’s chicken allergy last season when viewers watched her throw away enough chicken to feed a small village from her freezer.

A scene for best runner-up has to go to chicken shit bingo that Karen was forced to attend in Austen. As she dry-heaved and dodged hives in the chicken-themed bar, she was finally able to fly the coop after enduring a few hours of bingo and fighting. Karen is carrying this season alone with her comedic timing as usual. 

RHOP Season 8 Karen is giving it all, and I really like her delusions or grandeur because they are harmless. The Grand Dame talks shit but keeps it cute and is the embodiment of “don’t start none, won’t be none.” I could watch RHOP Season 8 Karen all day long, which, to be honest, is pretty much what I am doing every week since the rest of the cast is a snooze fest.