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Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky ‘Free’ to Date Other People

Well, it’s come to this, my friends. Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky are in the middle of a big marriage mess. Things broke down, as predicted by Allison DuBois, and unfortunately for Kyle, it’s playing out on television.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills duo have previously been #couplegoals for the single rebels of society. Seemingly soul mates and in it to win it, the couple have drifted apart and are now in crisis mode. I believe their current status on Facebook would be “separated” and because of that, seeing other people is apparently not out of the question. Entertainment Tonight has the scoop.

“Free to do what we want”

While Kyle and Mo are working out if they are going to work out, Kyle shared they’re “free to do what we want” in the interim. Ky hasn’t been seen out and about with another man, but Mauricio has been photographed several times with ladies who could have fallen on the “doing what he wants” list.

That said, Kyle has been under the gun for her friendship with Morgan Wade. She’s also partially to blame for the attention that came with it. Let’s not act like Kyle couldn’t have shut down lesbionic rumors with a simple “No, we’re friends” instead of smugly smiling when questions were asked. Morgan’s music video didn’t help either.

“She [Morgan] plays a very important role in my life, as do a lot of my friends,” Kyle said. “Everyone is so focused on Morgan. I’ve seen my other friends getting edited out of photos. They’re just snipped right out. Tossed to the side, you know?” Well honey that’s because the other friends don’t have tattoos of your initials on their bods.

Additionally, Kyle shared people want to “create this narrative” that isn’t accurate. I definitely empathy for Kyle’s marriage issues, but she is the one who was trotting Morgan around on the pap stroll. Kyle grew up in this industry and she knew EXACTLY what the optics looked like.

Now RHOBH Season 13 is preparing to come to a close and Kyle doesn’t even know if she wants to return. Allegedly. At this time, Kyle and Mauricio are continuing to work on their relationship.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8 PM/ET on Bravo.