Peter Weber Is Playing the Most Strategic Game on the Traitors, Here’s Why

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The cast list for The Traitors Season 2 was filled with reality television heavy-hitters. Survivor stars Parvati Shallow and Sandra Diaz-Twine, Real Housewives stars Phaedra Parks and Tamra Judge, CT Tamburello from The Challenge, and Dan Gheesling from Big Brother all signed on for the game. Peter Weber was repping for The Bachelor this season.

The players stayed in a castle in Scotland with host Alan Cumming. And he is truly the host with the most, from epic one-liners to his fierce fashion game.

Alan chose Dan and Phaedra as the first two Traitors. The rest of the contestants were Faithfuls. The Traitors invited Parvati to join them, and she happily donned the cloak. Each night, the devious trio murdered a Faithful.

Any Faithfuls left at the end of the game will split the $250,000. But if any Traitors have slipped by the Faithfuls, they take it all. I think it is fair to say that no one clocked Peter as being the savviest player in the game. Here’s why Peter Weber’s strategy on The Traitors Season 2 is miles ahead of the other players.

Everyone Underestimated Peter

Photo by: Euan Cherry/PEACOCK

Pilot Pete seemed friendly with everyone in the game. He talked to people but wasn’t overly vocal at the roundtables. He didn’t take a vow of silence, like Dan, which doomed his game. But he also didn’t share his thoughts with the entire cast. The man was known for handing out roses and having sex in a windmill, not for thinking outside the box.

People reported that Pete thought that the “game looked fun as hell.” He added, “It’s obviously like the real-life game of Clue. So just growing up, playing that, loving that, just the mystery behind it, it seemed like an absolute blast.”

Peter came up with the idea of creating some fake drama between himself and Bling Empire star Kevin Kreider. They voted for each other at the roundtable, making up reasons that each was a Traitor. It wasn’t a huge move, but Peter hoped it would keep a target off him and Kevin. In that respect, it was a success.

And that was just a taste of what Peter had up his sleeve. Combine that with his desire to win the cash, and you have a cunning Faithful.

He Set a Trap for the Traitors

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During a bird-call challenge, all of The Traitors remained in the castle while six other players were outside. Each group outside was broken down into partners. And there were two shields hidden outside up for grabs.

Love Island USA star Carsten “Bergie” Bergersen and Trishelle Cannatella of The Challenge paired up, and Shereé Whitfield from The Real Housewives of Atlanta worked with Kevin. Finally, Peter worked with Big Brother star Janelle Pierzina. The group decided that they would not reveal to the rest of the competitors who had won the shields.

And then Peter put his brilliant plan to work. He privately told the three people that he suspected of being Traitors that he had the shield. Peter lied to CT, Parvati, and Dan. In reality, Bergie and Trishelle had shields.

Bergie was outspoken at the roundtable accusing Dan of being a Traitor. When the treacherous trio met to plan the next murder, Dan insisted that it had to be Bergie. Parvati told Dan that Peter told her that he had a shield. While Parvati believed it was a lie, Dan underestimated Peter’s gameplay. Eventually, Phaedra and Parvati let Dan have his way. And it was his undoing.

Peter Identified Two Traitors…so Far

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When everyone was enjoying breakfast, there was a knock at the door. Bergalicious strolled in, showing off his shield. His murder was blocked, and The Traitors were exposed.

Peter revealed that he told three people that he suspected of being Traitors that he had a shield. Parvati, Dan, and CT admitted that Peter told them about the shield. At the roundtable, Dan attempted to out Phaedra as a Traitor to save himself. Ms. Parks skillfully dissected Dan’s flimsy arguments.

Parvati claimed that she connected with Dan on the first day and that she might have trusted the “wrong person.” While Peter knew there were enough votes to banish Dan, he voted for Parvati. He told the group that he knew that CT was a Faithful, but that Parvati was not.

And if he was murdered, he wanted the Faithfuls to take that as “a sign.” Wow. Even after his possible death, Peter was hell-bent on haunting Parvati. In the end, Dan was banished and was the first Traitor to be exposed—all thanks to Peter’s ingenious plan.

Peter Was Invited To Join the Traitors

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Peter had been called the “most Faithful of the Faithfuls.” And he was loyal to his Faithful clique, including Trishelle, Kevin, Bergie, and former Speaker of the House of Commons in the United Kingdom, John Bercow. The fact that the house had a strong alliance with Peter at the helm was a big red flag for Parvati.

When Phaedra and Parvati met in the turret, Alan surprised them. They could try and seduce a Faithful to join them or commit a murder. Parvati insisted that they invite Peter to become a Traitor. Phaedra thought it was a bad idea but let Parvati run with it.

Both ladies were stunned when Peter refused. “I’m a Faithful til the end. I want to be a part of winning this the right way,” Peter said in his confessional. “There is no way in the world that I could betray my team.”

Of course, Peter told his team in private that he received the Traitors’ offer, and refused it. And while Trishelle lobbied to get rid of Phaedra, Peter was firmly in control. He wanted Parvati out, and then they could focus on finding the other Traitors. Meanwhile, “the leftovers” clique targeted Peter as a Traitor. There was no murder this week, but what happens at the next roundtable is sure to be explosive.

The fact that Peter has sniffed out two Traitors, and outed Dan, shows why he is playing the most strategic game on The Traitors. Will he make it to the end and claim the prize money? Stay tuned!