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NeNe Leakes’ Son Bryson Sued for $30K in Alleged Unpaid Child Support

Poor NeNe Leakes can’t get a break. If it isn’t one thing, it’s another and why can’t the Universe just let NeNe be great? After nuking her relationship with Bravo, NeNe also had to deal with a previous landlord who sued her for $25k. Now the tax man would like to speak with NeNe regarding the $17k she owes the government.

Her son Bryson Bryant is facing legal issues as well. Bryson was in jail for about three months last year for fentanyl possession. Now his ex wants him to get his old room back. NeNe’s son is currently on the hook for $30k in unpaid child support. Radar has the details.

More troubles for Bryson …

Courtesy Symone Davis Instagram

This man has a lot on his plate after being busted for drugs in 2023. Bryson’s ex-Symone Davis (real name Erin S. Davis) filed legal papers against NeNe’s son alleging he is waaaay off on his child support payments.

Symone is suing the Real Housewives of Atlanta alum’s oldest child after he allegedly neglected to pay the court-ordered child support amount of $708 per month. NeNe officially became a grandma again when Symone’s son was legally declared to be Bryson’s about four years ago.

Erin aka Symone also says Bryson has not paid one cent towards their child. Payments were to begin on August 1, 2020, and the current balance owed is $29,736.00. The lawsuit reads, “In the prior Order the Respondent was ordered to pay Petitioner $708.00 per month beginning August 1, 2020 in child support, and, as of this time owes to Petitioner the following amount of $29,736.00.”

Bryson’s ex noted he is “able to perform what the Court ordered as to his child support obligations.” Additionally, she feels his “refusal to do so is willful.” Symone would not only like her money, she would also like Bryson to be locked up again. The docs request, “The Respondent should be held in contempt and incarcerated for failure to comply with the Court’s Order.”

According to Symone, Bryson does not respond to communications regarding the child.