Sutton Stracke
Photo by John Salangsang/Billboard via Getty Images

Sutton Stracke’s Health Scare at RHOBH Reunion Confirmed

Sutton Stracke’s health was a recurring topic in a majority of this season’s episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The state of her esophagus was discussed waaay too many times for anyone’s (aside from Annemarie Wiley’s) liking.

The recently released RHOBH Season 13 reunion trailer revealed that Sutton’s health came into play again. However, it seemed much more serious this time. While gathered with the other ladies and Andy Cohen at the reunion taping, Sutton suffered a medical emergency right as Kathy Hilton waltzed in for a guest appearance.

“Shaking” Sutton’s reunion health scare sees Andy and the other Housewives panic

The three-part reunion was taped on January 26, but the trailer was just released yesterday. In it, Sutton’s seen sitting next to Andy and co-star Garcelle Beauvais. The atmosphere shifted dramatically when Kathy showed up, leaving everyone visibly aghast.

Kathy took a seat beside her sister Kyle Richards, and all eyes were on her. Suddenly, Sutton began gasping for air in a way that clearly seemed like more than just shock at Kathy’s unexpected presence.

Sutton continued struggling to breathe and leaned on Garcelle for support. She started shaking, and Andy attempted to cool her down by fanning her with his cards. The camera panned to her hands, which looked swollen and purple.

Garcelle urgently asked, “Can we call somebody please,” as Sutton looked around, appearing disoriented.

“You’re shaking, you’re shaking, you are really shaking,” an alarmed Andy told Sutton. Then, a paramedic along with (certified registered nurse anesthetist, ok?!) Annemarie began attending to her.

Dorit Kemsley, helpful as always, remarked, “Oh my God, that’s scary.” The trailer ended with no closure about what was happening.

Sutton hasn’t revealed the specifics of her ailment. It seems she’s since recovered, though, having recently traveled to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with her son and his friends. Glad she’s ok!

Part 1 of the Season 13 RHOBH reunion airs next Wednesday, February 28, at 8/7c on Bravo.