The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 cast
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RHOBH Season 13 Reunion Trailer: Kyle Tries ‘To Silence’ Dorit

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 had its ups and downs. Kyle Richards seemed to alienate every fan and all of her castmates, even her ride-or-die, Dorit Kemsley.

See, most fans were sucked into Season 13 based on the promise of insight into Kyle’s marital problems with Mauricio Umansky. Instead, fans mostly saw Kyle, Dorit, and Annemarie Wiley engage in mean girl behavior toward Sutton Stracke.

On the bright side, Sutton and Crystal Kung Minkoff came out of the season as unlikely favorites. Of course, Kyle still has the reunion to turn things in her favor. And even if she doesn’t deliver, her castmates are likely to.

Andy accuses Kyle of “dancing around” her split

On February 21, Bravo released the trailer for the RHOBH Season 13 reunion ahead of the season finale. The trailer opened with Andy Cohen speaking to Kyle, sharing that Erika Jayne wanted him to “eviscerate” Kyle that day. Meanwhile, Dorit spoke with Erika, claiming that Kyle sent a text in an attempt “to silence” her.

As for who had the most to answer for, Sutton said Annemarie’s list of apologies would be “like a scroll.” Later, Andy read a question off of a card (perhaps from a fan), saying, “Kyle’s dancing around the reason for her split. What’s the real reason and why won’t she just spit it out?” A question almost every fan would like to know the answer to.

Meanwhile, Kyle accused Sutton of going into the season with the intention of coming after her (even though it looked the other way around to viewers). From there, when asked if Kyle could see herself with Morgan Wade, the Housewife failed to find any words to answer. The trailer also promised that Kyle would touch on the rumors of infidelity on Mauricio’s side.

In a moment of intense emotion, Kyle admitted that she and Mauricio had discussed divorce. And in a strange twist, the medical staff on standby had to intervene when Sutton began shaking out of nowhere. Oh, and Kathy Hilton showed up, for some reason.

Watch the full trailer in the clip above, and catch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 finale Wednesday, February 21 at 8/7c on Bravo.