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Andy Cohen Apologizes to Brandi Glanville, but Says ‘She Was in on the Joke’

Brandi Glanville had a hot take and almost mentioned it all in a scathing letter her lawyers whipped up. In this threatening document, the person who will never be seen again on Bravo basically accused Andy Cohen of … sexual harassment.

Back in 2022 Andy and Brandi were having a brief moment of inappropriate fun. That said, when has Brandi ever prided herself on being appropriate in the first place? She alleged Andy sent her a FaceTime video with another Bravo star, implying they wanted sexy time with Brandi. She definitely caused a stir, but Andy came in quick with a response. He took to Twitter shortly after the news broke.

“Meant in jest”

Amid a flurry of accusations from Caroline Manzo for being sexually inappropriate during Season 4 of Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip, the accused has become the accuser. Brandi’s legal team of Bryan Freedman and Mark Geragos sent a message to NBCUniversal, Warner Bros, and Shed Media. It states they’re prepared to go to court over an old FaceTime video.

Fun fact, Freedman and Geragos are part of Bethenny Frankel’s legal team too, go figure. It said, “Ms. Glanville herself has been a victim of sexual harassment at Bravo by none other than Andy Cohen.” But I don’t think this is going the way she wanted it to.

“In a video sent by Mr. Cohen to Ms. Glanville in 2022, Mr. Cohen — appearing obviously inebriated — boasted of his intention to sleep with another Bravo star that night while thinking of her and invited her to watch via Facetime,” it continued. I mean, I get it but Brandi’s Twitter feed is often inappropriate, what is the point of this?

While the reality television world went full detective and tried to find out the mysterious Bravo star in the alleged video – Andy flat out said it was Below Deck alum, Kate Chastain. Also a friend of Brandi’s from The Traitors.

Shortly after this big breaking news, Andy decided to bring it to a full stop and took to social media. He wrote, “The video shows Kate Chastain and I very clearly joking to Brandi. It was absolutely meant in jest, and Brandi’s response clearly communicated she was in on the joke. That said, it was totally inappropriate and I apologize.”

Do they want Andy out?

Reps for Bravo aren’t speaking on Brandi’s threat but an insider who spied the alleged video of debauchery said it was not serious. “No one in their right mind would think that anything Andy was saying in that video was meant to be taken seriously,” the source explained. “It was very clear that everyone was in on the joke.”

Brandi’s lawyers said Andy “remains in his post” and continues to work for the network. Additionally they said Bravo and the associated production companies maintain an environment where Bravo, and likened the production companies and network to another where “profits were prioritized over people.” Also, allow me to remind you no one is forced at gunpoint to appear on reality television.

In other news, Tom Sandoval would like to thank Brandi for this distraction.