Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

Brittany Cartwright Alludes To ‘Taking Space’ in Marriage to Jax Taylor

What in the rawt in hail is happening with Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor? Conveniently ahead of the series premiere of their new show, are the former Vanderpump Rules couple experiencing trouble in paradise – or are we looking at grabs for attention to watch what happens on The Valley?

For a couple of weeks, Bravo internet sleuths have seemingly spotted Brittany filming social media from a home that isn’t hers. There were rumors Jax and Brit had split, but Jax denied any trouble. Now Brittany sets the record straight on an episode of their podcast When Reality Hits.

A “down” moment of ups and downs?

Get ready for the drama before the drama, my friends. “I think that we will have to address some rumors — just a little bit. I’m not going to go too hard on this because, you know, some people do deserve to have their privacy. But I will say — marriage is hard and people go through ups and downs all the time and it’s completely normal,” Brittany began.

Hold up now, ma’am. Don’t start telling the fans you want privacy when you also want these exact fans to watch your … REALITY SHOW. Then she added, “Sometimes people might need their space [and] sometimes they won’t.” I thought Jax got his “space” by going to the gym.

Staying quiet, for perhaps the first time ever, Jax had nothing to offer. Apparently, they may or may not have had “issues” arise after the first season of The Valley wrapped up.

“I just want to make one thing clear and that is that my life is not a publicity stunt for anything. We filmed The Valley months ago — months and months and months ago,” Brit shared.

“And we’re super excited for this to come out and there’s been so many changes that has happened in so every single couple’s lives — every single couple on the show. I just want to make that very clear: no publicity stunts here,” she noted. This sounds like something someone pulling a storyline for a stunt would say, but here we are.

The publicist of it all …

Here’s what else. Jax had a publicity event in Montreal, Canada on February 17 with Tom Schwartz. Then Jax decided to go rogue and visit family in Detroit while up North. Jax did advise his wife and mother of his child he would be delayed coming home – but Brittany discovered the details of his adventures on social media.

Also, there was a photo Jax posted with his publicist, Lori K. while in Canada that raised some eyebrows, but I’m sure everything is completely normal there.

Season 1 of The Valley will hit Bravo in Spring 2024.