Morgan Wade and Kyle Richards
Photo by Mindy Small | Getty Images

Rob Minkoff Suggests Morgan Wade Could Have Leaked Kyle Richards’ Separation

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 finale saw the cast react to the news of Kyle Richards’ separation from Mauricio Umansky. Not only did the cast express their shock, but also their theories as to who leaked the news to the press. Rob Minkoff’s theory? None other than Morgan Wade.

For those who somehow aren’t aware, Kyle and Morgan have been rumored to be romantically involved for months now. It all started when fans noticed the two had matching rings and tattoos, and since then, the evidence hasn’t exactly become any less convincing. Kyle has insisted the two are just friends, but fans don’t have much cause to buy that narrative anymore.

However, with the Season 13 finale now out in the world, fans are more interested in another narrative – who leaked the story to the press? Crystal Kung Minkoff’s husband wasn’t shy about sharing his supposition.

Crystal praises “Messy Rob” for Morgan accusation

“So I guess the question is who planted this story?” Rob asked Crystal. “You want conjecture? Morgan told PEOPLE magazine that they were separated.” Crystal, rather amused, couldn’t believe that Rob was engaging in such talk. “Let me tell you something right now Rob Minkoff, you’re in crazy director mode. You are seriously storyboarding a movie right now,” she told her husband.

The finale moment gained traction in fan circles online. When @queensofbravo posted a screenshot of the moment, they wrote, “Not ROB MINKOFF being messier than crystal [crying emoji] Give him a diamond now!” Crystal herself commented on the post, writing, “Messy Rob > Hip Hop Rob.”

Of course, Rob’s speculation wasn’t the end all be all of theories on the matter. “I think Mo thinks that it was someone in Kyle’s camp,” Dorit Kemsley shared. Sutton Stracke added, “I think the source is in camp. I think it’s either Kyle or Mauricio. That is who I think it is. Or both of ’em. If you put it out there first then you can control it. Then you can deny it all you want.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 reunion begins on Bravo this coming Wednesday, February 28, at 8/7c.