Alexis Bellino
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RHOC Wanted Alexis Bellino Back Before She Started Dating John Janssen

When it comes to Housewives, old often becomes new again when a franchise seems to need a little zhuzhing up. Alexis Bellino’s “Jesus Jugs” era of The Real Housewives of Orange County from over a decade ago was definitely a memorable one.

Alexis recently made her way back into the news cycle by linking up with Shannon’s Beador’s chaotic ex, John Janssen. We then heard that Alexis would be back on RHOC next season in some capacity. It was easy to assume that the prospect of an inevitably dramatic love triangle between Alexis, Shannon, and apparent orange-chaser John secured Alexis’ ticket back.

However, sources connected to the show revealed that Alexis was actually already in negotiations with Bravo to return. Even before she started dating John.

Alexis was already chatting with Bravo when John came along

Alexis’ RHOC return has been stirring up a lot of intrigue, mostly because of her relationship with John and how Shannon will end up handling it (my prediction: BADLY).

However, sources told TMZ that Alexis’ comeback actually wasn’t a result of her dating John. It appears her return was already in the pipeline before that fateful evening when the two met up at one of OC’s messiest settings: The Quiet Woman restaurant.

According to those insiders, Alexis was already in deep talks with Bravo about returning to RHOC by December 2023. That was around the same time she started seeing John. So, their relationship was just coincidental to her return; not the catalyst.

Alexis left RHOC in 2013 and is reportedly filming as a “friend of” for Season 18. A lot has happened in her decade away, including her divorce from her considered-cringe-by-many ex, Jim “Jimmy B” Bellino.

Heather Dubrow had a hand in all of this

Heather Dubrow and Alexis Bellino
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Heather Dubrow played a big role in Alexis’ return. Despite their previous falling out on the show, Jesus Jugs and Fancy Pants have seemingly mended their friendship over the past couple of years. The source also revealed that Heather had been advocating for Alexis’ return to RHOC producers for years now.

Heather was on an island by herself last season, partly due to her secretly selling her mall mega-mansion. And, it wouldn’t be surprising if Shannon tries to turn everyone against Alexis next season, so Heather and Alexis teaming up seems plausible.

But kudos to Alexis for doing the extra credit assignment of banging John (thus rankling Shannon) even though she was coming back regardless! The Quiet Woman better secure all of their breakables. They’ve got a big storm coming.

The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 18 began filming in January and is slated to return to Bravo later this year.