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Brittany Cartwright Worries About The Valley for This Reason

Brittany Cartwright moved on from Vanderpump Rules and many people thought reality TV entirely. After she and Jax Taylor got hitched and had a baby boy, perhaps their priorities had changed from being filmed constantly and the drama that comes with it. That is not the case for the Cauchis, however.

After being “fired” from VPR, the couple is about to make their big return to Bravo on The Valley. Now Brittany has new reservations about being back on the small screen. She isn’t worried about what viewers will say about her, she’s worried about what viewers will say about her kid. Let’s go ahead and say out of the gate – these children are off limits. Heavy has the scoop.

Cruz is about to step into the spotlight

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m not a huge fan of Jax or Brittany. Jax is… Jax and Brittany seemed to come along around the time Vanderpump Rules went from great television to let’s watch this woman get cheated on. That said, I’m a pretty big fan of Cruz Cauchi because he’s adorable.

According to Brit, she has reservations about putting herself back in the line of fire – not for herself, but for her son. “The hardest part, I think is going to be — because Cruz is on the show, and dealing with backlash or people judging things or this or that, I think that’s going to be the most difficult part because he’s the best thing ever,” Brittany said.

Let’s be clear, talking about the kids is a cheap shot and people who do that don’t have much going on upstairs. Talk about Jax being an asshole, talk about Brittany being an airhead, but leave the babies out of it.

“I wish people didn’t say anything bad about my two-year-old. But in the world we live in, things happen and people are stupid, and people say things. But I think that’s the only part that I’m actually worried about. Because other than that, I think that we had a really good season,” Brittany added.

“The public eye”

It sucks she has to worry about this because people get brave behind a keyboard. Cruz has a bit of a speech delay and it’s making Brit nervous because she doesn’t want her son criticized. Allow me to say anyone who criticizes that child probably has to provide a credit card number before other humans will speak to them. But it doesn’t make the hurtful words any less painful.

“The public eye coming in and trying to comment on certain things that they don’t understand is very, very difficult. We’re doing everything that we possibly can and even if he never speaks a day in his life, he’s the best, most perfect thing ever. So that’s all I care about. But he will – ’cause he is talking,” she shared.

One day Brittany will reflect on these moments, probably when Cruz is talking a mile a minute and speaking over both mom and dad. “Say whatever you want about me, but do not talk about my child. That is just where I draw the line,” Brittany concluded. Atta girl.

The Valley is expected to premiere Spring 2024 on Bravo.