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John Oliver Shades Tom Sandoval, Says Pigs Are Smarter

Even HBO stars are taking shots at Tom Sandoval. On Sunday, February 26, HBO’s Last Week Tonight With John Oliver did a story about “pig butchering.” The term refers to scam victims being “fattened up” financially by their fraudsters before being drained of their funds.

“Imagine being a victim of this scam,” John reflected, “turning on the news and suddenly learning that the shorthand for people in your situation is ‘the pigs.’”

“Although I will say, it could have been worse,” he continued. “Pigs are awesome. They’re one of the most intelligent animals on the planet. They’re smarter than dogs, most three-year-olds, and Tom Sandoval.” God, I love John Oliver. He’s awesome.

A favorite late-night target

John’s comment was just the latest barb directed at the Most Extras frontman. On the February 25 episode of Saturday Night Live, Weekend Update host Colin Jost interviewed a “frozen embryo from Alabama” (cast member Marcello Hernández).

When Colin asked Marcello whether an embryo has a “full, human life,” he answered, “Does this look like a life to you, Colin? I’m living at negative 200 degrees in liquid nitrogen, freezing my non-existent nipples off. I don’t got a brain, I don’t got a heart. I’m like Tom Sandoval.” Ouch.

The “embryo” added that he wasn’t actually able to watch Vanderpump Rules since he doesn’t “have eyes.” But “even without eyes, I can see that Tom’s a pure narcissist.”

Pump Rules Pariah

Tom Sandoval for Pump Rules Season 11
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The former self-proclaimed VPR “Number One Guy” has become something of an outsider in the wake of Scandoval. When he blew up his nine-year relationship with Ariana Madix by cheating on her with their friend Rachel Leviss, almost everyone took Ariana’s side. Despite Lisa Vanderpump’s efforts to encourage forgiveness, Sandoval remains his own worst enemy.

In a February 20 article titled “How Tom Sandoval Became the Most Hated Man in America,” he once again shot himself in the foot. When he had the audacity to compare his suffering to that of O.J. Simpson’s trial and the murder of George Floyd, people were understandably outraged.

“I’m not a pop-culture historian, really, but I witnessed the O.J. Simpson thing and George Floyd,” Sandoval said in the article. Even though he admitted it was odd comparing his experience to theirs, he nevertheless asked, “Do you think in a weird way it’s a little bit the same?”

The interview stirred up such intense backlash that Sandy almost immediately issued an apology. “My intentions behind the comments I made … were to explain the level of national media attention my affair received,” Sandoval explained in a statement the day the story was published. “The comparison was inappropriate and ignorant. I’m incredibly sorry and embarrassed.”

With the anniversary of Scandoval approaching this Friday, March 1, let’s hope Sandy’s not moved to issue a commemorative statement that will once again make him look like an idiot. Pigs everywhere are begging him to show some discretion.

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