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Leah McSweeney Accuses Ramona Singer of ‘Colluding’ With Bravo to ‘Out’ Her Bipolar Diagnosis

Step aside Andy Cohen, it’s Ramona Singer’s turn in Leah McSweeney’s new legal journey. Not me preparing to defend Ramona, thanks for that, Leah. After the Real Housewives of New York alum dropped a lawsuit on Bravo, now she’s dragging Ramona into the game.

Andy stands accused of blowing rails with Real Housewives of his picking and Bravo is accused of forcing Leah to drink. Now Ramona is on the hook for conspiring with Bravo to “out” Leah’s bipolar condition. Welcome to the Thursday edition of The Days of Bravo’s Lawsuits. Radar has the details.

Step into the Thunderdome, Ramona!

Let’s be very clear here, Ramona has done many unpleasant things. She’s not shy about being racially insensitive, she’s rude to those in the hospitality industry. Veteran RHONY fans have seen her negativity and lack of accountability since 2008 and some grew to love her for it. Despite all of Ramona’s faults, could she be guilty of trying to expose someone’s mental illness?

Leah and Ramona were together for two seasons and during some of that time Leah was highly intoxicated. According to the clothing designer, she was basically forced by producers to drink and act a fool. Now she’s saying Ramona “colluded” with production to “out” her bipolar diagnosis.

I find this to be a farfetched notion. For Ramona to achieve this, it would take both thought and effort – two things Ramona is not familiar with. The disgruntled Leah further said Ramona “falsely” spread gossip that Leah “abused” medication with booze.

All of this caused Leah “extreme anxiety and depression.” But by all means, sign on to Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. Per Leah’s lawsuit, Ramona’s alleged outing of her medical info caused her to be committed to a psych institution due to the toxic nature of the show.

Never fear, Ramona fans – she is named in Leah’s legal docs but she is NOT being sued. The legal papers state, “Upon information and belief, Defendants colluded with fellow RHONY cast member, Ramona Singer (‘Singer’), to ‘out’ Ms. McSweeney’s confidential bipolar disorder diagnosis before Ms. McSweeney disclosed it publicly.”

Additionally, Leah feels due to Ramona’s “plan” with production, she “maliciously rumored to other cast members that Ms. McSweeney suffered from bipolar disorder.” Wrong, that’s just another Tuesday for Ramona.

“Shamed” and “Gaslit”

It continued, ”Singer stated that Ms. McSweeney’s behavior while drinking could be attributed to both Ms. McSweeney’s bipolar diagnosis and falsely posited that Ms. McSweeney abused her bipolar prescription medication by combining that prescription with alcohol.”

Then Leah alleged producers “shamed” and “gaslit” her instead of helping after her bipolar condition was exposed. All of this “caused her to suffer extreme anxiety and depression, thereby exacerbating her disclosed mental health disabilities.”

“Defendant Producers had a duty to accommodate Ms. McSweeney or engage in an interactive process with Ms. McSweeney to develop a mutually agreed upon accommodation, but Defendant Producers again failed to do so,” the suit read.

”Instead Defendant Producers shamed Ms. McSweeney for complaining of depression and anxiety as a direct result of Singer’s actions. Defendant Producers even attempted to gaslight Ms. McSweeney into falsely believing that her worsened mental health symptoms did not exist,” it concluded.

Ramona has yet to comment on the allegations.

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