Rachel Leviss and James Kennedy on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen
Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Rachel Leviss Brands James Kennedy ‘Violent and Dangerous’ in Bombshell Lawsuit

Content warning: This article contains references to intimate partner abuse. Do not read on if this topic is triggering.

Rachel Leviss shocked the Brvosphere by dropping a lawsuit against her former Vanderpump Rules co-stars and production companies. In exploring the lawsuit’s minutiae, fans found some rather striking claims against James Kennedy.

Rachel accuses LVP of protecting “violent” James

On February 29, u/the_smart_girl posted some interesting excerpts from Rachel’s lawsuit to the Real Housewives subreddit. The excerpts described James as “prone to violent outbursts and grappling with long-standing substance abuse issues and emotional dysregulation.” The suit also alleged that James “would regularly berate Leviss, falsely accuse her of cheating, and act in a generally unhinged manner.”

The suit claims that evidence of this abuse was only partly captured on Bravo’s cameras. Rachel reportedly threatened to leave James if he didn’t get his alcohol use under control, but “his despicable behavior was not solely a function of alcohol abuse.” The suit also claims that James “erupted at Leviss’ mother and father and kicked her family dog four times in an uncontrollable rage.”

Beyond James, the suit alleges that his “dangerous behavior was well-known by Bravo, Evolution, and the cast.” There was also a claim of James assaulting Kristen Doute on camera with the footage never airing. Furthermore, Lisa Vanderpump was credited as James’ “powerful ally … who served as his protector.”

Reactions to Rachel’s claims are varied

Reactions to the post varied. One commenter took the accusations as confirmation of their suspicions. “I knew he was violent and dangerous and I don’t even know him,” they wrote. “Of course the network and production company knew! They’d all seen or experienced it firsthand, and any claim otherwise is ridiculous.”

Another reply, however, was much more skeptical. “Why is everyone taking what she’s saying in this lawsuit as gospel when there are obvious lies and exaggerations throughout?” they asked.

“If James did in fact kick a dog, that’s despicable, but she has also inferred he physically abused her and yet that’s not in here? Her stories have been ever changing, she is not a reliable witness in the slightest.”

As of now, Rachel’s allegations are nothing more than allegations – they cannot be substantiated – leaving fans to only speculate.