When It Comes To Love Porsha Has A Pattern

Porsha Williams
Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images

When fans of Real Housewives of Atlanta first met Porsha Williams, she was young, meek, and under the spell of a man. The mother of one didn’t know the difference between Miss USA or Miss America. But one thing was for sure, she just wanted to find her wealthy ride-or-die prince who would take care of her to the end of her days. If you got it, flaunt it and use it to land that rich husband! But instead of her happily ever after, Porsha ended up kissing a lot more frogs than she ever expected to. 

For the most part, she has taken these men, warts and all. But I can’t help but wonder why she essentially goes for the bottom of the barrel instead of a more high-caliber man. Even though love isn’t perfect, Porsha’s pattern of finding a mate has left most followers scratching their heads wondering, “What was she thinking?”

Porsha’s Picker Is Off

Porsha Williams/Instagram

Sometimes, a girl’s radar for a good man is just broken, and this might be the case with Porsha. There were so many signs she was going to have a rough ride on the rollercoaster of love. Her current husband, Simon Guobadia, is an alleged government scammer with a messy history. There was no way he was ever going to put her first if it meant sacrificing all he had earned over the years and being left with nothing. At least now, Porsha is out of their union, but this won’t be the last of her abnormal choices.  

Meanwhile, Porsha’s first husband, Kordell Stewart, was a control freak when fans watched the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Throughout their marriage, Kordell was caught telling Porsha she had to choose between a career and a baby because he was “the man of the house.” He acted like he had to hustle while Porsha was expected to be the dutiful stay-at-home wife. Kordell had a hostile and condescending tone as he is a man who believes in clear gender roles. 

Porsha Likes Older Men

Porsha Williams/Instagram

Love it or hate it, but Porsha has a clear type, and it’s older men that look like Daddy Warbucks. When Porsha married Kordell, she was only 24 years old, while he was nearly 10 years her senior. They had nothing in common except he probably liked having a pretty girl on his arm, and she liked having a fancy house in Buckhead. Porsha was in the prime of her life, but Kordell just wanted to keep her at home on lockdown.

The same can be said for Simon, who is often mocked online for his age. With a 16-year age difference, fans noted the time he held on for dear life whilst dancing at his own wedding. Other photos have shown the couple on a speedboat, Porsha living her best life while Simon is literally just along for the ride. 

Unresolved Issues

Porsha Williams/Instagram

Porsha might have unresolved issues from her engagement with Dennis McKinley after he cheated on her when she was going through postpartum depression. She has a pattern of jumping into the next relationship seemingly as long as the man has some money and shows her a little bit of attention. The moves are always jarring, especially since she usually has little chemistry with her new beau. Simon, for example, very much felt like she was dating her grandfather, not to mention none of her family approved. 

So, while most of the Bravoverse is surprised somehow, I’m also completely not shocked. The news of Porsha’s divorce is the most and least surprising thing ever. From a former NFL star to a hot dog salesman to an alleged Nigerian scammer, Porsha’s range is vast! And I don’t see her changing her pattern of men anytime soon.