The Traitors Season 2: CT Tamburello’s Funniest Moments

CT Tamburello
(Photo by Presley Ann/Getty Images for MTV)

I don’t think I am the only one in love with CT Tamburello on this season of The Traitors. Personally, I have been in love with CT since his days on Real World: Paris and The Challenge. He is like the modern-day Goliath as he showcases his strength and humor in each series he appears in. The single dad is funny AF and doesn’t let any of his many wins go to his head. 

Bird Head


During a Season 2 episode, The Traitors producers hatched a pretty hilarious challenge that had CT running through the mansion like a cartoon character. The point of the game was to find the matching bird call to a stuffed bird in the house. Scattered around the castle grounds were a few gazebos, which were outfitted with bird call whistles. Teams of two had to listen and then use a walkie-talkie to repeat the call to those in the mansion. The potential prize for this task was $15,000. Needless to say, CT proved that birds of a feather flock together. 

The game of reality TV telephone was some of the best TV I’ve watched in years. Alan Cumming also didn’t miss his chance to mug off each star, including CT, as they ran around like a chicken with their heads cut off. 

CT’s Sheild


During one of the last challenges, the group was asked to shoot stained glass window panels with one another’s faces. It got down to CT having to turn on John Bercow, and even though we all wanted to protect John at all costs, CT took home the shield. In a confessional, CT noted that Sandra Diaz-Twine and Phaedra Parks were showing traitor-like behavior. But because he had the shield, Phaedra’s sites moved onto Trishelle Cannatella.

However, CT rocked his shield with pride back the mansion which left fans rolling on the floor. In a light-hearted moment, CT donned a suit of armor while boasting that he would finally get a good night’s sleep since he didn’t have to worry about being murdered. He truly doesn’t care about his age and comes across as a real kid at heart.

The Challenge winner has been on TV so long that this behavior is totally normal. CT has had every life experience anyone could have on TV, including dating, fighting, and mourning a loved one. So why not add a funny shield meme to the group?

The Eh Game


I love an East Coast guy. They don’t mince their words, and sounds can easily express what everyone is already thinking. I found myself laughing so hard when CT was talking to Trishelle about who could possibly be a traitor. Instead of continuing to listen to his former teammate talk about how Peter Weber wasn’t a traitor, he quickly ended the conversation by saying “Ehhh,” which honestly could be a track for a lullaby service.  

Snake in the Pants


While on a Cabin in the Woods challenge, CT was forced to crawl back into a pipeline of panic filled with mice and maggots in hopes of grabbing the last bit of gold for their growing pot. As time ran out, CT emerged from the muddy pipe and reached into his pants, pretending to pull out a snake and, in fact, some gold. In his confessional CT joked, “I pretended I had a snake in my pants. Well, there WAS, but there was also a gold brick.” Thus continues my obsession with CT. 

CT Judgements 


As I write this headline, I currently have the above link on replay, and I can not stop laughing at CT. The face he gave as he watched MJ Javid try to scale floating platforms in hilarity at its finest. Understandably, CT is a pro at this kind of physical challenge, but the Bravo crew were not. They are pros at gossiping and drinking champagne. So it must have been painfully moth literally and physically, to watch MJ fail so many times.

In his confessional, CT’s eyes bugged out as he asked, “What the hell was that!?” CT will forever be the class clown and castle daddy of my dreams, thanks to this.