The Traitors Season 2 Reunion Seating Chart Leaked – Here’s Our Predictions

(Photo by: Euan Cherry/Peacock via Getty Images)

The Traitors Season 2 is coming to an end. Overall, this cast was amazing. I mean, between my childhood crush Chris “CT” Tamburello’s smiling persona, to the reappearance of Kate Chastain, this season had it all. John Bercow even showed up, but just like his banning from parliament, his banishment from the castle also took place.

The best part was that when this cast was not forging alliances and competing in challenges, actual friendships formed. Here’s looking at you, CT and Phaedra Parks. With the end nearing though, this cast has already gathered back together to film for their reunion with Andy Cohen. Luckily for my impatient mindset, the seating chart dropped, and based on the given arrangements, I’ve got some thoughts.

Also, why is Andy hosting and not Alan Cumming, eh?

Shereé Whitfield Won’t Make it to the End

The Traitors Season 2 Reunion Leaked Seating Chart

The cast members seated the closest to Andy are typically the ones who were the stars of their seasons. If you are in one of the farthest away seats, ahem Kevin Kreider, you likely were a bust. If you weren’t a bust, you might not have lasted very long on-air. For a final reason, perhaps you played the game well, but your drama seen was minimal.

Now, let’s look at Shereé Whitfield‘s seat, which is one of the farthest chairs away from Andy. However, Shereé played this game like a pro, almost like it wasn’t even a game at all. At this point in time, Shereé is currently still on this cast. Yet, her seating placement at the reunion likely means that very soon, Shereé will either be murdered or banished.

Mercedes Javid Is Likely Cut

Mercedeh Javid Feight/Instagram

Mercedes “MJ” Javid is killing it on The Traitors. In one of the last challenges that aired, only three cast members made it across a series of shaky platforms. These mini-docks existed over a lake, so one wrong move could send the stars into the water below. Time after time, MJ attempted to cross, wiping out into the lake with each go.

And then, with the clock winding down to just a few seconds left, MJ made one final attempt, refusing to give up on herself. In a genuinely moving moment of reality television, our girl made it across. No matter what this meant for anyone else’s time left on this series, every single player cheered for MJ, Alan included. In addition to her willpower, MJ is playing a careful game, taking in all of her costars thoughts and opinions to help her form her own ideas on who is the most likely to be a Traitor on this cast.

Even still, if you look at the leaked reunion seating chart just above, MJ is seated right next to Shereé. With this far away placement given, it stands to reason that soon, MJ’s time will come to an end on The Traitors.

Kate Chastain Is Possibly Banished as Well

Kate Chastain/Instagram

When Kate joined forces with Phaedra, I cheered. Sadly, Phaedra’s inability to call anyone out as a Traitor quickly caught up to her, and her banishment arrived just last week. Due to this, Kate’s now the only Traitor left standing. That said, Kate’s seated right next to MJ in this leaked seating chart, which means that her banishment from the castle is highly likely.

CT Could Be Recruited

Reality After Show/YouTube

Ok. First, let’s just take a moment of silence and reflection, with a focus directed on all things CT. Grab a cold one and then click here. You’re welcome.

Ok, back to The Traitors. Sandra Diaz-Twine is playing a great game so far, but she’s got notes, and in one video (around the 16:37 mark), Sandra showed her findings, which apparently outed the Traitors via a highlighted mark. So hear me out, I’m 43 and weary, so I couldn’t catch a thing on her quick flip tease. Luckily, Redditors came through, and their findings point towards CT’s recruitment as the final Traitor.

When you pair this with CT’s seating chart placement, this prediction only grows stronger. You see, on one side of Andy sits 3 of the known Traitors; Kate, Dan Gheesling, and Parvati Shallow. On the other side, Phaedra sits alone. Yet, CT’s seated right next to Phaedra, which would help to balance out the number of Traitors placed on each side, were CT also a newly-turned Traitor.

Now listen. I’m human and could very easily be wrong. But to me, this leaked seating chart only bolsters my predictions. I’m definitely starting to suspect that the chances are pretty high on CT joining Kate as a Traitor fairly soon.

The Potential Winner(s)

MTV Fun & Memories/Instagram

This leaves us down to the potential winner(s) for Season 2. If we use this seating chart and Sandra’s notes, then I think it’s highly possibly that just CT will win the final prize. If he isn’t a Traitor though, then I’ve got a second theory. Perhaps, CT and his buddy Trishelle Cannatella will take home the prize pot together, as Faithfuls.

Now, if we are going off of my first theory, I can see Kate banishing Shereé to help save her own neck. Then, Kate might recruit CT, but at the final Round Table, Kate’s banished. This will bring us to the Circle of Truth, where suspicions on Sandra’s status will still lurk. Therefore, the remaining players might oust Sandra, and as the player ousted at this point cannot say whether or not they were a Faithful or a Traitor, the cast will likely feel as if they have prevailed, as in their minds, all of the Traitors are now gone.

Or are they?

At the end, everyone has to finally announce whether they were a Faithful or Traitor. It’s highly possible that at this point, CT will reveal that he is now a Traitor, and Phaedra’s “Castle Daddy” will then win the entire game. Or again, if CT isn’t recruited, then he and Trishelle are the most likely potential winners for The Traitors Season 2.