The Best Marlo Hampton Moments on RHOA

Marlo Hampton
(Photo by Prince Williams/WireImage)

Fans of the Real Housewives of Atlanta were stunned when Marlo Hampton dropped the bomb that she would be leaving the series. She had only just been given a peach of her own after being a “friend of” for years. But it seems becoming a full-time “Munty” has made her rethink her priorities.

Whether you loved her or hated her, Marlo added a hell of a lot to the series. She was more than happy to stir the pot when it came to messing with the other women. Even before she was a full-time housewife, she gave viewers memorable TV moments that will live in infamy. I’m just sad we won’t be getting any more of those. 

Kim vs. Marlo


It felt like Kim Zolciak had a problem with each cast member at one point. But how could we forget the epic showdown between her and Marlo? The Don’t Be Tardy singer tried to call out Marlo for being jealous. However, she instead got the read of her life. “Four men, stay at four. Four kids,” Marlo clapped back. Kim didn’t take the accusations of keeping her legs to married men closed and lashed out, calling Marlo a “bit*h.” 

Marlo vs. Sheree


The two women found themselves not seeing eye to eye during a cast trip after Marlo chose to confront Shereé Whitfield about not being invited to her dinner party. The trip to South Africa was supposed to be a bonding vacation, but their intense showdown became one of the most re-watched moments in Real Housewives of Atlanta History. Honestly, I still can’t get the sounds they made out of my head, as it sounded like two pre-schoolers battling for the last piece of chalk. 

Between Sheree yelling, “You ain’t got a house,” and Marlo yelling, “I don’t have blow-up mattresses,” an apparent dig at the Chateau’s have done rooms. Sheree turned to calling Marlo out for dating old men, and the fight was taken to the staircase. As Phaedra Parks noted, it was like “Mayweather vs Pacquiao.” Eventually, the fight dissolved into the two grown women making faces and high-pitched sounds at one another. There was no need for words after that. 

Marlo vs. Kenya


There was always some unspoken tension between Kenya Moore and Marlo. But Season 12 showed a lot of animosity between the two, especially after Kenya thought it was funny to show up to Marlo’s wig launch with her own marching band. In the middle of Marlo’s quaint event, Kenya matched herself right on through the doors, singing “Kenya Moore Hair Care,” shocking even Marlo herself. Leaving the Munty of two to ask, “What the hell is that?” 

Marlo jumped onto the mic, asking, “Security. Where is my security?” Marlo was so brazen as to ask the rest of the women to stop talking to Kenya, which was hilarious on its own. In perhaps what could be considered the worst cheer ever chanted on Bravo, Marlo tried to get her guests to sing “No more Kenya Moore. She’s gotta go.” Ugg, so cringey, but what a moment. 

Porsha vs. Marlo


It never took much for Marlo to get heated with any of the women, and that included the time during Season 10 when she had riled Porsha Williams up, causing quite the kerfuffle. After asking the mother of one if she was going to have a conversation with Kim, Marlo turned to NeNe Leakes and parroted Porsha’s response. The Dish Nation host wasn’t thrilled as she quipped, “Is that your boss.” Marlo made sure to stand up for herself, stating NeNe was her “sister. She’s the madam.” 

Even though Porsha wasn’t bothered by the line of questioning, she had successfully ruffled Marlo’s feathers, who lashed out, saying, “Fu*k that! I asked a question! I can scream.” I’m not ashamed to say I’ve used this line more than once in my household when I don’t get the answers I want. Between Marlo’s wild looks and spitfire attitude, her TV moments will be missed.