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The Traitors Season 2: CT and Trishelle Cannatella Slam MJ’s Reunion Behavior

The Traitors Season 2 winners Trishelle Cannatella and CT Tamburello aren’t pleased with Mercedes “MJ” Javid’s behavior at the reunion.

The Shahs of Sunset star let The Challenge alum have it after cutting her loose during the fire of truth ceremony in Episode 11. At the reunion, MJ trashed the two, calling them “grifters” for bamboozling her out of her share of the prize money. But from Trishelle’s perspective, that was always a possibility.

“The game is called The Traitors,” she told Parade. “Literally, in the tagline of the show, it says ‘betrayal [and] deceit.’ And so I don’t know why anyone would expect anything less. And also, it’s a TV show! People were entertained. And so for me, I didn’t understand why MJ was mad at me. I didn’t. I tried to take her with me [and] voted out my best friend in the game, CT! Because I was like, ‘I know MJ is a Faithful.’ I just 100% knew it.”

CT says he is sorry MJ “feels the way she feels”

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During the finale episode, MJ made a surprising move by voting off her ally, Sandra Diaz-Twine. “That was one of her closest friends on the show. That’s the game,” CT said. “We’ve seen this a lot when it comes to The Challenge, where the person that you’re rooting for doesn’t win. So, yeah, you get upset. I get it. But I also think we have tougher skin because we’ve been doing these compensation shows for a lot longer. And so we know we can roll off of us easier. Really, there’s really nothing personal. I’m sorry she feels the way she feels.”

However, CT’s apology wasn’t enough for MJ. Later, during the reunion, she said she felt the game went in a different direction when the “greedy people” left her behind. The MTV stars noted their cultural differences coming from reality competition, whereas MJ, “… this is her first stint with competition reality,” Trishelle said. “I understand why she’s upset and why it’s shocking to her. But for me and him, it’s not.”

“It looks a lot easier than it really is,” CT added. “… In these types of games, someone’s gonna get upset. And so, even if Trishelle and MJ won, I would have been upset. Or me and MJ won, Trishelle would have been upset. It doesn’t matter. We’re all human. It sucks when you don’t get your torch lit, so to speak. Trishelle agreed, saying she would’ve been upset but “would have never acted the way that MJ did at the reunion. Ever.”

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