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Is Thomas Ravenel Returning to Southern Charm?

The idea of Southern Charm, originally, had to have been the refined life of southern society of years past. The world of white dinner jackets, the perfectly-made martini, and debutante balls. Patricia Altschul is a relic of that life, where a family name was everything and strict regimen of social rules were followed.

Somewhere in between, was Thomas Ravenel. He also hails from a renowned family. He played polo on the show, and owned a country estate like a proper southern gentleman. Thomas was an original cast member in 2014, and left the series in Season 5.

Arguably, the show lost a certain element when Thomas left. Now, the cast has become a mess of exes and hooks ups with the vortex circling around Austen Kroll. Some fans are wondering whether Thomas could or would make a comeback. Current Southern Charm star, Madison LeCroy had an answer to that query.

Some of Madison’s “friends” are “gonna be joining”

Page Six interviewed the Southern Charm favorite as she promoted her new collaboration with Summer House star Ciara Miller. The Bravolebrity duo working together on a new Body Contour campaign for Express, and Madison was asked to give her opinion on a T-Rav comeback.

“No, I mean, unfortunately, it would be great for us, I think, but I have not heard that or seen that at all,” she said.

Despite Madison shutting down that rumor, she did tease some new cast members for Southern Charm Season 10.

“I’ve got some friends that are gonna be joining, so that’ll be nice and interesting, some new, fresh faces that I think [are] gonna be great for us, and I think everybody’s gonna love them, and yeah, I’m excited to be able to have some more people in my corner,” Madison revealed.

The reality TV star is anticipating a return to filming in the spring. The “warmer months” are a great time to be in Charleston, and Madison thinks it will be more “fun” for viewers. Cue the fashion please.

“We’ll be opening up a whole new can of worms with these guys,” she teased the leftover drama from Season 9.

Madison is saying a lot. Meanwhile, it’s worth noting that Bravo does “not comment on casting” before confirming a new season. This has yet to happen for Southern Charm.

So what caused the rumor that Thomas might be returning? In a now-deleted TikTok video, the Southern Charm alum said he recently had a meeting with producers.

Meanwhile, on social media platform, X, Thomas replied to a followers that asked if he was “going to be back on Southern Charm.” He said “No.”