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Love Is Blind Season 6 Reunion Trailer: ‘You’re a Clown’

Get her, Laura Dadisman! The Love Is Blind Season 6 reunion trailer has dropped, and boy, it looks EXPLOSIVE. But before you stream the season’s sit-down when the episode drops on Wednesday, March 13, have your EpiPen on standby because the girls are not playing. 

There was a lot of drama that went down in the pods when this year’s group of “singles” began their quest for a lifelong partner. Of course, viewers watched couples like Jimmy Presnell and Chelsea Blackwell go through their share of challenges, but fans couldn’t get over the conflict between Laura and her ex-fiancee, Jeramey Lutinski

In case you missed it, Jeramey was in the hot seat after coming home at 5 in the morning after a night out at the bar with Sarah Ann — his second connection in the pods. After chatting with her via DMs and giving Laura the runaround, the latter called things off with the Hawaiian shirt-loving 32-year-old, and watchers have been coming for him since. But he’s not the only one facing backlash. Sarah had a heated conversation with fellow cast member AD Smith and received scrutiny from the other women as well. So, how did she fare at the reunion? 

Laura comes for Sarah Ann and Jeramey at the LIB Season 6 reunion, plus more!

In the sneak peek clip shared by Netflix, Chelsea came out of the gate swinging at Sarah Ann and Jeramey, saying she’s “never stayed up until 5 AM just chatting.” In another clip, Sarah fired back at Laura, who appeared to call her a “pick-me girl” — a woman who seeks validation from others, especially men. “I’m a pick-me girl? You’re the pick-me girl,” she said, to which Laura calmly replied, “You are a clown.” 

Fans should also expect tough conversations between AD and her partner, Clay Gravesande, who called off their engagement at the altar but begged to continue things after the show. “She’s honestly the love of my life, and I did make a mistake,” he told the hosts, Nick and Vanessa Lachey

Jessica Vestal also connected with Jimmy, the man she had a rocky connection with inside and out of the pods. “I thought we were on good terms, but I guess that we’re not,” she said in the clip. Lastly, Trevor Sova, whom fans have been dragging to hell and back for apparently having a partner prior to going on the show, also made an appearance and seemed to address those rumors head-on. “Ummmm,” he said before the teaser finished. 

Watch the Love Is Blind reunion on Netflix on March 13.