Killer Recipes From Below Deck Chefs

Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

The Below Deck franchise has welcomed many chefs onboard. Thankfully, most of these stars have been excellent, as the satisfied charter guests have stated. If you are anything like me, cooking doesn’t come naturally. But, recipes are fairly easy to follow, and so, I’ll admit, I have searched for how to recreate many of these Below Deck chef’s dishes at home.

That said, I’ve never searched for Chef Mila Kolomeitseva’s nachos. Just open up a bag of chips and add-on Mila’s signature canned…everything, and call it a day. Sadly, this Below Deck chef’s failure was just one of many.

On the other hand, if you are in need of something that was actually made by a pro, then look no further. Here are several killer recipes from Bravo‘s higher-skilled Below Deck chefs.

Chef Ben Robinson’s Marinated Chicken Thighs

Chef Ben Robinson is just as entertaining off-air as he is on. To start off his recipe, Chef Ben held a little dance sesh in his kitchen. He ended this by yelling “How are we my lovelies,” while also fussing at his Alexa to stop playing music. We miss this Brit.

As for what Chef Ben chose to teach us all, he states that this is his “long-awaited Chef Ben’s Chicken thigh recipe. It’s boneless, skinless, it’s one of my favorites” he says. He also explained that it’s easy, and as a non-kitchen expert, I have to agree. This one does look “super simple.”

To start, Chef Ben states to put your chicken thighs into a bowl, with the given spices. After mixing everything, he cheekily quips that this “needs a little lubrication, doesn’t it my darlings?” Gah, I love him. He then pops open a beer to drink, pouring the beer’s overflow into his chicken mixture.

These thighs can then marinate for up to 24 hours. When it comes time to throw these bad boys onto a stovetop, know that Chef Ben uses butter in his pan. To recreate his moves, place chunks of butter on top of your thighs before covering these two combined items, which will allow the thighs to properly cook as the butter melts on top.

Need more? Check out all of Chef Ben’s other killer recipes on his official YouTube page.

Chef Rachel Hargrove’s French Toast

Chef Rachel Hargrove/Twitter

Every charter season that has featured Chef Rachel Hargrove has also showcased her infamous French Toast. Each time the charter guests have taken a bite out of this moist (ew) dish, they have all agreed, it’s fantastic.

I can attest to this one. I made it last year. And then, I ran back out to Publix to buy more ingredients, because I have the self-control of a toddler, with a stomach capacity that rivals that of my teenage son. No regrets.

Fortunately, Chef Rachel generously typed out her recipe, but her how-to video is pretty informative. I need visuals, so if you are like me, maybe watch and read this one. In addition, check out her Facebook page, if desired. Here, Chef Rachel shares even more killer recipes, because this “eat my cooter” Below Deck alum wants us all to stay well-fed.

Chef Adam Glick’s Ceviche

Chef Adam Glick/Instagram

The last time we saw Chef Adam Glick, he was in a highly toxic boatmance on Below Deck Sailing Yacht. These days, he has put the Below Deck franchise in the rear-view mirror of his van. Now, he’s spending his time outdoors, where he’s endorsing knives, cooking in nature, and living his best life. In one of his shared recipes, he teaches us all how to make Ceviche, and honestly, it’s pretty straight-forward.

To begin, Chef Adam cubes up “any white fish” into a pan, with lime juice and orange juice. While the fish soaks and cooks for an hour, Chef Adam shows how to create a “light, fresh” salsa, using cut-up cucumber, Jicama, red onion, jalapeño, cilantro, and mango. After making your salsa, drain out the lime juice in the fish pan, and add everything into a serving bowl. Pair your creation with chips and avocado, or not, you do you.

If you also love to spend time out in nature, then go ahead and check out Chef Adam’s YouTube page. Here, this Below Deck Chef turned van-lifer spills several additional killer recipes for you to try, using any campfire, kitchen, or grill.

Chef Dave White’s Beetroot Cured Salmon

Chef Dave White/Instagram

Chef Dave White didn’t handle his feelings for Natasha Webb very well, nor did she. Yet, he did master almost everything that came out of his galley. Now, you too can cook like Chef Dave, as he has given us all an instructional video on how to make his Beetroot Cured Salmon. I’m torn on this, because…beetroot, but if this is up your alley, then please, try this one out, and then report back, as I need answers.

First, “Grab your salmon fillet, pinpone it, chop it in half,” Chef Dave begins. And no, I don’t know what that means. Neither does Google, or a viewer in Chef Dave’s online recipe video. From his actions though, it looks like this word might mean a fancy way in which to cut…no?

Chef Dave then places “the belly’s” of the fish down on a hot grill, “to caramelize” the fat. After this, he shows how to make a marinade to rub onto to your salmon, which after coating your fish in this, you will then store in your fridge for 24 hours. Once this time has passed, simply wash off the fish and cook it to your desired preferences. We love a Below Deck chef that outdoes themselves in the galley, and on this, Chef Dave is no exception.