All the Ways Dorit Kemsley Has Become More Sympathetic

(Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images)

When Dorit Kemsley first waltzed onto the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills scene, I honestly didn’t know if she was coming or going. Between her fake British accent, growing up in Connecticut, and her style, the mother of two was a lot to digest. Dorit was far from sympathetic during her first few seasons thanks to her love of never being on time, mainly because she got caught up in hotel photo shoots and her ability to become almost anyone’s puppet. Fans found it hard to relate to her. However as she matured over the years, more and more followers feel that they can actually empathize with Dorit. Has hell frozen over? 

Dorit Had Trauma 

Dorit Kemsley/Instagram

Dorit is a lot of things- a gossip queen, the ladle holder, and tone deaf. However, there is no denying that she went through something extremely traumatic with her children. In October 2021, while PK Kemsley was in London, Dorit was robbed, held at gunpoint. She genuinely felt her children were going to lose their lives. I can’t even begin to imagine the trauma associated with that type of experience, and when the news broke, fans and co-stars rallied around her.

It didn’t help that they hadn’t caught the robbers from the 2021 heist. Theories started to emerge with some insinuating PK and Dorit set the whole thing up. A lot of the break-in was caught on their home surveillance and showed the burglars leaving Dorit’s phone at the end of the driveway which seemed odd to most. There was no leaked 911 call, and Dorit’s storyline was stale. However absurd the trolls were, no one deserved that amount of trauma, with most fans easily sympathizing with Dorit. 

Dorit Is Friendless

Dorit Kemsley/Instagram

Now, I do think Dorit would make a great friend, but I’d have to train her out of the excessive chit-chat. However, it doesn’t look as if most of her co-stars feel the same way. Season 13 is showing Dorit actually being iced out. Kyle Richards, who arguably used to be the closest to the fashionista, has pulled away, instead choosing Morgan Wade. Sadly, she is getting the cold shoulder from Garcelle Beauvais, Erika Jayne, and Sutton Stracke, too. 

It doesn’t help that Dorit is up in her own a** 90% of the time, especially in regard to speaking with Garcelle. Almost every woman has experienced a mean girl moment- hell, I am almost in my double 20s and just recently had to deal with a lifelong friend turning into what I can only refer to as a crazy, delusional zombie, so I definitely felt a pang of sympathy for Dorit. 

Doirt Is in a Tailspin

Dorit Kemsley/Instagram

I am not naive to the fact that Dorit is spiraling. While she once used to be blunt and to the point, now she often steps in the sh*t way more than before. At times, Dorit’s lack of self-awareness is very hard to watch. For instance, the recent spat between her and Garcelle after the mother of two triggered the Coming to America star with the word “attacked.” More often than not, Dorit has no idea she is hurting people around her with her words. 

I can sympathize with Dorit in the idea that if she genuinely feels she is asking the right questions. She may be confused, but I can’t get behind the fact that she refuses to educate herself. As Garcelle noted, her privilege has been on display for some time. Currently, Dorit seems to be living on Cloud 9 in her own isolated bubble. Even though she is trying her best to hold her own and be in the moment, she is still making mistake after mistake. 

Frankly, I feel a bit bad that Dorit seems to be left out on her own island with no one checking on her. Season 13 feels like it might be the season when the other women are happy to make Dorit the scapegoat, which will cause her to become extremely combative. I’d love Dorit to stand on her own two feet, stop begging for everyone’s attention, and tell these women to jog on. While I know this won’t happen, it sure would make Dorit look like the badass she is capable of being.