Guerdy Abraira
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RHOM’s Guerdy Abraira To Keep ‘Empowering’ Shaved Head After Cancer Battle

Guerdy Abraira has been nothing short of an inspiration throughout her battle with breast cancer. Throughout Season 6 of The Real Housewives of Miami, we saw her tackle it head on. Despite Larsa Pippen’s strange attempts to make Guerdy’s breast cancer news all about herself, Guerdy’s poise, grace, and grit prevailed.

One of the most poignant scenes in the history of Real Housewives was during the sixth RHOM season. Guerdy shaved her head – rather than waiting for chemotherapy to make it fall out – with her amazingly supportive husband, Russell Abraira, by her side. Many were touched by the esteemed event planner’s decision to share that very emotional moment on camera.

Guerdy’s continued to be a cancer advocate even now that her cancer is in remission. And, she just shared that the shaved head she pulls off so beautifully isn’t going anywhere.

Guerdy on her shaved head: “It’s here to stay!”

Page Six Style caught up with Guerdy at DIRECTV’s Streaming with the Stars Oscars viewing party at Spago Beverly Hills, where she announced, “We are keeping the hair!”

“It’s official!” she declared, noting that Russell is super into it. Apparently, it’s even become an important “part of [her] foreplay.” Well, ok then. Get it, Guerdy!

“So the hair stays,” she asserted joyfully. “It’s here to stay.”

Even though that RHOM moment showed how much she struggled with the decision, Guerdy now feels more beautiful and empowered than ever with a shaved head. “It’s so empowering,” she shared.

A shaved head also comes with its benefits. “And honestly, I’ve saved, like, over $50,000 just not having the wigs and the waves and the this and the that.”

Guerdy also explained that the cut works out well in “Miami’s on on, on on, Fyah”-level heat.

“Summertime is coming, too, by the way. So you know it’s hot as monkey’s balls in Miami,” she quipped.

Pivoting back to Russell’s attraction to her smooth head, Guerdy shared that their sex life is on hold for the next eight weeks – she just had a hysterectomy earlier this month to prevent her cancer from returning.

“Miss Thing had a hysterectomy, so Russell’s going to be patient. We’re working out different clever, creative ways of having it.”

Leave it to her to even be able to #GUERDYFY lemons into lemonade!

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