Why VPR Fans Will Never Know All The Details Of Scandoval

Tom Sandoval Ariana Madix
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Raise your hand if you are sick and tired of hearing about Scandoval? Okay, you guys scroll along, but for those who still have a vested interest, we have some new information. Vanderpump Rules fans have been bombarded since March 2023 after news broke that Tom Sandoval had been cheating on Ariana Madix behind her back with her good friend, Rachel Leviss. The betrayal was calculated, making sure to burn every bridge the lightening bolt couple ever had.

Almost immediately, Vanderpump Rules fans turned on Tom and Rachel, launching Ariana into a god-like status. Viewers have the gist of what is going down. However, there seems to be some stuff that we may never know. But that begs the question, is the stuff we don’t important to the facts of the story, or is this just another ploy to keep the scandal at the forefront of viewers’ minds? 

Low Ratings Might Leave Bravo Wishing Fans Knew More

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We all know Vanderpump Rules was on the way out after a dismal Season 10. But the cameras made a smart decision to pick back up after Bravo got wind that there was trouble in paradise, which resulted in a huge ratings boost. Viewers had hoped that Season 11 would show the real aftermath of the WeHo group trying to pick up the pieces of the fractured lives. But instead, all we have seen so far is an angry Ariana, an unapologetic Tom, and one assistant who deserves a raise. 

Viewers questioned if Scandoval was staged, but for now, the ratings for Season 11 are pretty high. However, with Rachel walking away from a mid-six-figure salary and her co-stars who remain on the show stand to lose even more, how much of what fans will see this season will be organic? Without Rachel in the picture, longtime followers have been left with an irritating anti-climax that will likely leave many of us unsatisfied. 

Ariana Defends Decision To Stay at Valley Village


Ariana recently told Good Morning America, “There’s a lot that they will never know,” and the statement felt cryptic. All these questions ran through my head- Did she know? Was she in on the affair? Was this just a giant PR stunt to keep the Bravo paycheck? Ariana did admit that viewers actually know a lot about the ins and outs of the breakup, but some stuff will forever stay hidden. 

But one thing is for sure: Ariana is tired of being judged by viewers for choosing to reside in the shared Valley Village home with Tom. The Chicago star clapped back, noting, “Things air so much longer after they take place. You do get people who ask, ‘Why aren’t you doing this?’ And the answer is that it is February, which took place in June [2023].”

Are VPR Fans Over Scandoval?

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Yes, I am! It seems to have gone unnoticed that cheating isn’t exactly capital murder and actually is a pretty regular thing for Bravo personalities to do. Even though the affair was sneaky as sh*t, it isn’t illegal. I think Scandoval blew up so big because us fans were made out to be the dummy. Tom had a lot of us fooled into thinking he was decent due to the way he presented himself. He had ten years to paint himself into a beautiful portrait of being the perfect friend and boyfriend. We were sold a bill of goods, and frankly, most of us bought it.

But every rollercoaster scandal has a downhill moment. I believe fans have hit their limit with how much we care about Scandoval. At the end of the day Tom cost himself a lot of money, comfort, a solid life partner, and friends. There is goodwill that he will never be able to earn back. But to think of having to talk about the affair for even one more minute is exhausting. Let’s just get through Season 11 and hope that it’s the last.