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RHOBH’s Erika Jayne Never Saw Herself as a ‘Villain’

Erika Jayne was off to a rough start with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13. For refusing to apologize to Dorit Kemsley for her ‘showmanship,’ fans instantly blasted her.

Unfortunately for Erika, that was far from her biggest misstep over recent years. Lawsuits continue to pile up against the performer. And, of course, there’s the Tom Girardi of it all – Erika’s estranged husband who’s on trial for embezzlement and fraud charges.

While Erika wasn’t legally implicated in Tom’s alleged crimes, many still hold their suspicions. Moreover, she didn’t seem all that sympathetic toward Tom’s alleged victims. With so much viewer vitriol, where does Erika stand in her mind?

Erika strives to be “complex” and “unique”

In an interview with Fashion Magazine, Erika asked her interviewer, “Are we playing to get along? Or are we playing for how we really feel?” (italics original). “Because if you’re playing for audience acceptance, or if you’re playing to be liked, then you’re not being authentic.”

Regarding her perceived cruelty toward Tom Girardi’s victims, Erika said, “I didn’t see myself as a villain. I saw myself as somebody who was fighting for their very life and being mischaracterized and accused of things that I did not do.”

She continued, “Having your entire life upended and taken away is very tough for anyone going through just divorce.” Erika pointed out that she had been “scrutinized and picked apart every day” amid her marriage’s fallout. “I was sticking up for myself.”

As for the traits required of a reality star, Erika felt “that people are complex, and the more complex you are, the more interesting of a television character you would be.”

Ultimately, Erika said “a unique point of view” was the most important thing a reality star could have. “If you feel a certain way about something, you have to have the balls to say that and stand by it, even if it’s out of favor with the majority.”

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