A Look At Kathy Griffin’s Allegations Against Andy Cohen

Kathy Griffin Andy Cohen
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Some may have forgotten that Kathy Griffin starred on her own show, Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, which aired on Bravo for six very successful seasons. The show premiered in 2005 and chronicled the comic’s attempts to stay in the spotlight even though she often joked she wasn’t an A-list celebrity. The episodes were funny in their way and frequently had a bit of dark humor. Kathy’s agent rarely returned phone calls, and she found it hard to find success in the City of Angels. 

Kathy worked closely with Andy Cohen and even was asked to appear on Watch What Happens Live a few times. Now, with so many former Real Housewives speaking out about their issues with the Bravo kingpin, it isn’t hard to remember that in 2017, Kathy had also accused Andy of drug use. While most wrote her accusations off, the video might just come back to haunt the king of Bravo.  

The Video

Kathy Griffin/YouTube

The YouTube video showed Kathy lashing out at TMZ’s Harvey Levin, who had released her home address and phone number to the public at the time. The actress notes that Andy has just given a pretty scathing interview about her, noting he was a “miserable boss” to work for. Even though her show garnered eight Emmy nominations and two wins, Kathy didn’t seem to get much respect from Andy, as she points out that after her show was canceled, she hoped to host a talk show.

Instead, Andy got WWHL, as she stated he was the “First television executive in history to give himself his talk show that seems to get picked up every season.”

The Accusations 

Kathy Griffin/Instagram

The video gets a little darker as Kathy pauses, sharing Andy: “Harassed me and treated me really poorly.” The comic then proceeds to tell her side of the story, revealing, “Both times I did the show right before we went live, Andy Cohen privately asked me in an office in Embassy Row, which is the production company that does that sh*t show, if I wanted to do blow. You guys know I’m no prude, but I’m like kind of a straight edge … I thought he was kidding the first time.”

Kathy then revealed she was asked to be a guest again, noting, “The second time I do the show, same thing. So once again, we are alone in an office on Embassy Row, and he asks, ‘Wanna do some coke?’ And I’m thinking he is serious. Trust me, he is going to say he was kidding and everything. No. He was asking me to do cocaine with him. That made me very uncomfortable. It was two of us in a room. No one was there from Bravo. That’s why I don’t do that show. I thought that was weird.”

The Lawsuits 

Leah McSweeney/Instagram

Kathy ended her video, noting, “I don’t know why he gets away with that. People like Andy Cohen … who just live to take women down, we need to speak up about.” Well, some of his former Real Housewives stars are speaking up about it. Recently, Leah McSweeney filed a lawsuit against Andy, Bravo, NBC, Shed Media, and producers John Paparazzo, Lisa Shannon, and Darren Ward, claiming they discriminated, harassed, and retaliated against her as a “woman with disabilities, such as alcohol use disorder and various mental health disorders, all in the name of selling drama.”

Brandi Glanville accused Andy of sexual harassment in a letter to NBC. The letter read via The Hollywood Reporter that Andy had sent her an inappropriate video, which featured him bragging about his intention of sleeping with another Bravo star. Brandi then alleged that Andy invited her to watch the sexual act with the letter reading, “This was an extraordinary abuse of power that left Ms. Glanville feeling trapped and disgusted.” 

It seems very coincidental that Kathy made the same accusations ten years ago that these former housewives are making now. Andy has denied these accusations, but Bravo has yet to comment on the matter.