Love Is Blind Couples Still Together, and Some We’re Shocked Didn’t Make It

Love Is Blind reunion recap
Photo Credit: Netflix

Who knew Netflix’s Love Is Blind would be such a massive hit? I would have thought that it would be easy to note the losers or winners lurking behind the screen. Yet, some normies decided to grab their choice of wine and find out if love was truly blind. For the lucky few who find that Cupid’s arrow hit them, their relationship has been blissful. For others, not so much. While I don’t think I could commit to such an experiment, at least it’s not like they’re taking part in Married at First Sight. Now, that is commitment! So, who has withstood the test of time, and who fell short of the finish line? 

Lauren and Cameron

Perhaps the cutest couple of all time. Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton met during the very first season of Love Is Blind and got engaged and married. The analytics seemed to work for the duo from the very start. They recently celebrated their third wedding anniversary (how cute!). Fans will recall that Cameron proposed after only five days, but when you know, you know, am I right? 

The couple once told People, “At a certain point, I had no more doubts about that this was the person I was going to spend the rest of my life with because we were able to delve so deep in our conversations, and in a way that I think neither of us had before.” The two have launched a podcast and renewed their vows while in Las Vegas. 

Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes

I thought Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes would make it because they hit it off soooo well while on their season. Again, the couple from Season 1 was a promising twosome, and only three pod dates in Kenny got down on bended knee to ask Kelly for her hand in marriage. In my opinion, this was when the show was at its purest form, but evidently, there was some treachery going on behind the scenes. 

Only six weeks into the game, Kenny was keen about giving affection, and Kelly couldn’t care less. These were the first signs of trouble, and it turns out they had no intention of getting married in the series but instead were going to use that time to get to know one another more. Fast forward to the show wrapping and Kenny ghosting Kelly; the two are now no longer together. 

Amber and Matt

Well, aren’t these two just adorable? Amber Pike and Matt Barnett also hailed from Season 1, so let’s say I have a soft spot for the freshman year. Even though Matt was talking to a few other women, by the end of the season, the two were engaged and walking off into wedded bliss. The duo is five years in and proud dog parents. It just goes to show love wasn’t blind for them. 

Carlton Morton and Diamond Jack

Carlton Morton and Diamond Jack had an instant spark, but sadly, they couldn’t get the flame to light. After only ten days of conversation, which seemed like a lifetime compared to the other quick-movers of the series, they were engaged. They finally saw one another, and the sexual chemistry was lit. But instead of their hunk of burning love thriving, their fairytale crashed and burned when they arrived in Mexico. 

During their pod conversations, Carlton made a pretty harsh decision not to disclose to his fiance that he was bi-sexual and had previously dated both men and women. When the tea was spilled, all hell broke loose, ending with Diamond throwing a drink in his face. As Diamond cried herself off stage right to Beyoncé lyrics, Carlton continued his name-calling tirade. Needless to say, the two did not work out. 

Colleen and Bolton

Let’s end on a positive note here. Now, for a hot second, I was worried that this Season 3 couple wouldn’t make it, but Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton passed with flying colors. It seemed weird that the duo didn’t decide to move in right away, but when you stepped back and thought about it made sense. Colleen and Bolton had met in such an odd way that they needed time to figure it all out. But figure it out; they did as they just celebrated their second year of marriage.