Quad Webb sitting in a chair on Watch What Happens Live; she's smiling and wearing a pink jumpsuit
Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

Quad Webb’s Biggest Married to Medicine Regret Revealed

Throughout her 10 seasons on Married to Medicine, we have seen Quad Webb in quite a few messy predicaments, but does she have any regret? From accusations about “lesbian relationships” to nasty rumors about robberies, Quad has always been an essential part of the drama. This season, her reign of chaos caught up with her, and the rest of the cast tried to ice her out of the group.

Quad is normally unapologetic about her reality TV shenanigans. However, a Watch What Happens Live caller recently challenged her to confess to one regret from her time on the show. Just one.

It took her a second to come up with a regret, but her answer surprisingly had nothing to do with any of the ladies. Instead, she described a cringeworthy scene she shared with her ex-husband Dr. Greg Lunceford in Season 5.

Embarrassed by Dr. Greg

Quad admitted that she’s “not perfect” and has “made a lot of mistakes.” It seemed like she almost wanted to reference a regret related to the M2M ladies. Then, she backtracked and started thinking about her ex-husband.

“My ex-husband and I, we were in a marital focus group, and we were kind of trying to work through some of our issues,” Quad recalled.

She continued, “The biggest regret I had is when I was pouring my heart out to him. He literally began to foam out the mouth and shake and fall out as if he was having convulsions.”

If you don’t know what Quad is referring to, thankfully Bravo has the clip living in infamy on YouTube. Please relive this moment with us because the behavior is truly unhinged. Sorry, Quad.

Quad’s biggest Married to Medicine regret

On WWHL, Andy Cohen seemed a little puzzled that this moment was Quad’s biggest regret. How is Dr. Greg making a fool of himself a regret for Quad? She clarified how this moment felt like a nasty combination of hurt and embarrassment, making her regret the whole scene.

“I was embarrassed for him,” Quad explained. “I was embarrassed that’s what you feel about our marriage. It was kind of hurtful.”

Watching back the clip of the martial focus group, you could tell that Quad was sincerely trying to make progress in her marriage. It’s a shame that Dr. Greg was so callous. At least these days, Quad can rest well knowing he’s someone else’s problem.

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