Why Tamra Judge, Heather Dubrow, and Alexis Bellino Could Be RHOC’s Best-Ever Trio

Photo by: Michael Rosenthal/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

The Real Housewives of Orange County has never really needed help in the dramatics department. Since its inception in 2006, the OC ladies have created some extremely juicy moments. In January fans learned that Alexis Bellino would be returning to pluck her orange from a rookie who just didn’t cut it. This meant there was absolutely going to be some grandstanding and drama because Alexis was now dating John Janssen. That’s right, that John Jannsen! Shannon Beadors‘ ex, who apparently didn’t want to be in the spotlight. The original Tres Amigas seem to be on the rocks, so here we are, hoping these three can bring the action. 

They finish each other’s memes

The three have already started filming together and even agreed to crack jokes about their previous arguments. While on a trip together, the ladies decided to mock their famed private jet scene. But a part of me felt bad for Shannon. I keep asking myself how Heather Dubrow and Tamra Judge could do their friend so dirty. I never thought I’d see the day Tamra and Jesus Jugs were on the same side, but here we are. 

Dare I say it looks like all three get along? Even though all three women come from very different walks of life, it seems that when you film a reality show, almost anyone can bond. Tamra, Alexis, and Heather are all great housewives who are rich, funny, charming, annoying, petty, punitive, and polarizing without being a crappy human. With Heather in the friend group, she gives a great contrast to a lot of the women the show was originally built around. I wager Heather was the one who brought the three of them together. 

Shannon will be tortured 

I wouldn’t say I like this gang-up one bit, but with Fancy Pants, Tamra, and Alexis all on one side, fans will definitely be given an interesting season, which we desperately need. The last few seasons have been dull at best, and even though Bravo tried to insert a few new faces, nothing seemed to pan out. I will admit all three of these ladies know how to get drama started. Last season, Heather hid the fact that she was selling her mansion, which riled the ladies up.

But I think the crux of this season will be about Alexis and John’s love affair. The former full-time member turned-“friend of” really knows how to get under her co-star’s skin, so I expect that Alexis is already working on a few one-liners to put Shannon in her place. Shannon stopped talking to Tamra after she showed support for Alexis, and it very much feels Tamra had also grown tired of her friendship, as it was probably draining. 

Alexis 2.0

Alexis has always been entertaining, but I believe her comeback will be one to remember. Previously, she had followed around her dork of a husband, Jim Bellino, and followed a religious life. But after moving out from under the shadow of her marriage, she seemed to become a bit more relatable. Alexis had her faults, but generally, she gave people the benefit of the doubt and believed in the good in others. Most importantly, Alexis supports her son Miles, who came out as trans. Heather also has a trans son who she fully supports. Seeing these two mothers bond and have such a moving support system will be great for the show. 

The future is bright

Heather and Alexis have come a long way from Bow Cake Gate, which is surprising because I never imagined that Heather would let that one go. But according to Heather via Watch What Happens Live, the duo have been close for years, noting, “We’ve been talking for the last few years. Actually, our kids — a couple of our kids — were in a play together three or four years ago and we connected back then, and we’ve been talking ever since.”

All three will make one hell of a melting pot, as each brings their special personality to the mix. But I think this might be the best friend group yet. 

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