Teresa Giudice’s Most Iconic Moments

Teresa Giudice
Photo by: Dave Kotinsky/Bravo

I am going to say it, so listen up. As much as Teresa Giudice can be a total pain in the ass, she made Real Housewives of New Jersey what it is today. Her constant need for attention, love of family, and hubris have made her the lady to watch when it comes to RHONJ. Since 2009, Teresa has been holding down the fort. She has initiated newbies, torn apart her family, and acted as if none of it is even close to being her fault. 

Teresa’s Table Flip


We have all heard about and seen the table flip heard around the world for the Real Housewives franchise. This was a big move in Season 1. Danielle Staub had a unique way of getting under everyone’s skin, especially the Skinny Italian author. While having an already heated discussion, Danielle told Tre to “pay attention,” and it seems no one tells the mother of four anything without repercussions. The OG lost it and angrily pushed the table off of her and onto her fellow castmates. Ironically, Tre’s ex-husband, Juicy Joe Giudice, had to hold her back.  

Teresa Pushes Andy


We all know Teresa has an anger problem, which probably stemmed from her being under Joe’s thumb for so long. However, she unleashed a bit of her rage and, this time, targeted Andy Cohen. The Season 2 reunion of the Real Housewives of New Jersey showed Danielle and Teresa at it once more. The former stripper decided it was smart to bring up Tre’s family. As Teresa became enraged, she turned into the Jersey Hulk, lunging forward. Andy tried to grab Teresa but was tossed aside like a leaf in the wind. 


You would think only Cookie Monster would pick a fight over cookies, but it turns out so will Teresa. A pregnant Melissa Gorga made the mistake of bringing the wrong Christmas cookies to the Jersey McMansion and has never heard the end of it. Their relationship was pretty strained, but who knew an offer of the wrong Italian cookie could cause so much damage?

In Season 3, Tre tries her best to assert her dominance by retelling the cookie story from hell, saying, “Melissa, nobody touched the cookies you brought. I threw them in the garbage! Do you know what my favorite cookies are? Pignoli cookies.” It is safe to say everybody learned that Teresa is not a fan of sprinkle cookies, but who honestly throws a pregnant woman’s cookies away? 

Teresa Flies the Coop


One of Teresa’s more admirable moments occurred during Season 7 after she was released from jail. The mother of four was finally allowed to reunite with her daughters, and the moment had everyone in tears. Teresa called on her way home from prison, sharing that the paps were trying to get the first snap. Bravo cameras caught Teresa walking in the back door, rejoicing as she said, “Girls, I’m home.” This may have been one of the only moments that Teresa was honest as she finally broke down, hugging Joe as the weight of what she went through finally hit home. 

Teresa vs. Production


Perhaps one of the best moments in recent times had to be when Teresa was cornered and decided it was best to throw her drink at the production crew. Season 10 had some hard knocks for the OG as it was revealed she instigated the famous ponytail pull of Margaret Josephs. This season was a confusing time for fans who saw that alliances were shifting. The truth came to light after Melissa met up with Danielle, who revealed it was Teresa who had whispered in her ear to pull the hair.

Melissa took the story back to the group, revealing Teresa had said “Do it” to Danielle. Margaret, who was visibly shaken, took her leave with Teresa, noting, “I feel bad; I hope they don’t use this,” referring to production. Luckily, her sister-in-law reminds her that Bravo will most certainly be using the footage, to which Teresa decides to throw her drink toward them in hopes of ruining the film. She also gave them the bird for good measure. Ah, classic Tre! 

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