The Valley: Who Are Danny and Nia Booko?

The Valley Brittany and Danny Booko
Photo by: Felix Kunze/Bravo via Getty Images

The premiere of The Valley was a success and actually left viewers humbled, wanting to find out what happens next week. I know, I sound surprised, but I wasn’t holding out hope the spinoff of a spinoff was going to be amazing. However, I am happy to admit when I am wrong. Along with Jax Taylor, Brittany Cartwright, and Kristen Doute, a few new neighbors are peeking over the fences. Two of whom are Danny Booko and Nia Booko. Fans were only introduced to the couple quickly since there was a whole cast to meet, but it ended with tears after Jax pantsed Danny. 

Nia has only just welcomed her twins into the world and is still very much adjusting to her new life away from the spotlight. But with the help of the other girls, it looks like Nia is going to be just fine. Danny also comes across as a caring husband who lives by the saying, “Happy wife, happy life.” Both seem to be on the same page when it comes to religion and morals, so as long as they stick together, I think The Valley will be a piece of cake. So let’s see what this couple has to offer that isn’t just a limp … pool toy. 

Welcome Danny to The Valley

The Valley - Danny Booko
Photo by: Felix Kunze/Bravo

Some fans might recognize Danny from the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon when he spent his time making guest appearances for iCarly and Hannah Montana. While the Michigan native might have been a tween heartthrob for a split second over 10 years ago, he is now a father of three.

Danny enjoys being a dad, I think and noted during the premiere, “One kid is one kid. Two kids is five kids. Three kids is 9,476 kids and a donkey.” But the man looked tired, almost like the Walking Dead zombie he serves as the voiceover for on TV. 

Danny has been a professional actor for the last 18 years and is currently expanding his voiceover work. As for the big screen, Danny has appeared in Bratz: The Movie, 21 & Over, and American Pie Presents: Band Camp. Hey, maybe Danny will be the new #1 guy in the group soon. 

Bravo also welcomes Nia

The Valley - Nia Booko
Photo by: Felix Kunze/Bravo

Nia, whose maiden name was Sanchez, grew up in Sacramento, CA, and is best known for winning Miss USA. She began pageants at 13 and went on to win Miss Citrus Valley USA when she was 19. Nia was one of those faces who did so well in the circuit that she was crowned Miss Nevada in 2014 and finally Miss USA, representing the state in the same year. Not to be outdone, Nia placed first runner-up at the Miss Universe competition. 

But Nia is more than just a pretty face — she also has a fifth-degree black belt in taekwondo. The mother of three has been practicing the sport since she was eight. She’s likely going to teach those kids how to defend themselves. Don’t mess with the Booko family!

Nia loves the arts, and for five years, she learned jazz and ballet before traveling to Kenya at 17. While traveling, Nia worked as a real-life Disney Princess in Hong Kong, making dreams come true. But nowadays, the beauty queen is concentrating on what she wants from life and her podcast, Hold My Crown.

Family time

Danny and Nia Booko
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Danny and Nia first met in church, but he didn’t pop the question until 2014 when he was on her terrace in New York City. The Valley introduces the couple as parents to their three children, Asher, Isabelle, and Zariah. We already know Danny loves yelling “three under three,” but other than that, fans will have to keep tuning in to discover more about them.

One thing is for sure: Nia isn’t about the childish games that Jax wants to play and won’t put up with any disrespect from her new friends. I think Nia and Danny are going to be quick fan favorites because they don’t seem to be about the drama … yet.

The Valley continues on Bravo, and is available to stream on Peacock.