Bethenny Frankel’s Most Iconic Moments

Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Even though Bethenny Frankel tried to spearhead the reality TV reckoning, she once was a fan favorite revered for witty one-liners on Real Housewives of New York. Bethenny was a no-nonsense type that you would easily bump into on the busy streets if you ever stopped and tried to take a photo like a total tourist. She was blunt and a bit rude, but honestly helpful in a pinch if you really needed it. 

Kelly vs. Bethenny


Bethenny was known for her short fuse when it came to holding onto her patience. Kelly Bensimon really triggered the Skinnygirl founder while they were on their Scary Island trip. In a moment that will live in infamy, Bethenny started to go in on the former model without holding back. For episodes, Bethenny had been trying to tell the woman there was a screw loose with their new friend, but it wasn’t until St. Barths that everyone seemed to agree.

While Kelly tried her best to explain her “truth,” Bethenny bottled up her comebacks like ammunition, waiting for the perfect time. After a carousel of thoughts from Kelly, Bethenny finally lost it, yelling, “Go to sleep! She’s crazy! You’re insane.” Needless to say, it wasn’t one of the classier moments on RHONY.

Bethenny’s Time Out


In an attempt to try to put Bethenny in her place, Kelly wanted a sit-down to clarify that they “weren’t friends,” but the model wasn’t prepared for Bethenny and her retort. At the time, the two were arguing over a charity event, but as Kelly made herself known as the mean girl, Bethenny started to throw a few word bombs of her own. Bethenny clarified, asking, “So you’re up here because you’re a model, and you put your name on any invitation, and you have celebrities as friends? Because you’ve met me ten times even though you act like you’ve never met me before?”

Kelly sat stunned as Bethenny drove her point home, referring to a friend who didn’t recognize Kelly, noting, “She is one of the few people in the world who didn’t know who you are. I’m just not famous enough for you to pay attention to.” Honestly, the whole exchange was chilling as Bethenny sat there stone cold. 

Mention It All


Season 9 showed a very confused Ramona Singer who claimed to be trying to get back on track with Bethenny yet still somehow insinuated the Skinnygirl guru slept her way to the top. Even though the apologizer was on her grand tour, Bethenny tried to explain the issue, sharing she hadn’t been a good friend. Per usual, Ramona lost it, stating “Wow! Wow, Bethenny. Wow. Are you kidding me? Wow!?” Bethenny calmly explained that in the past, Ramona had told her she would end up alone, stole two dresses from her, and divulged about Bethenny’s topless video.

For Ramona, the truth was too much to handle as the Ramonacoaster started to go off the rails. Ramona thought she’d have the higher ground sharing, “Well, you kissed another girl, you were topless, and had sex on the water bed. I wasn’t going to mention it, but here we are.” In an iconic moment, Bethenny raised her voice, saying, “Mention it all. Mention it all,” as she spread her legs on the couch. 

Bethenny vs. Luann


The Berkshires and Blue Stone Manor were supposed to be a quiet, peaceful place, yet it always turned into a three-ring circus. This time, the fight occurred between Bethenny and the Countess, Luann de Lesseps. I think the entire fight centered on Bethenny having a haircut similar to Luann. I mean, Lu, you aren’t Jennifer Aniston; your hair isn’t iconic. 

After catching Luann bitching about the hair, Bethenny asks, “I wanna understand it. Let’s talk about the hair. What, I want to fu*k a lot of guys? Party till five in the morning? Is that what I want to do? Lie to all my friends?” God, early Bethenny was everything! Lu tried to insert her two cents, asking, “Are you getting laid?” But ever so quick on her feet, Bethenny noted, “I mean, you’re making up for all of us.” Yikes!

Bethenny got to the crux of an argument after sharing that Luann wasn’t a girls girl. Which, let’s be honest, is true. How many times has Luann stolen men from right under Sonja Morgan’s nose? In a telling moment, Bethenny yelled, “You are a hypocrite. You fu*k everyone!”

Should you want to relive some of these “iconic” moments, Real Housewives of New York can be streamed on Bravo and Peacock.