Leah McSweeney
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris | Getty Images

Leah McSweeney Claims ‘Truth Is on My Side’ Amid Bravo Lawsuit

Leah McSweeney is not backing down from her lawsuit against Bravo. She’s sticking to her guns. Either she’s playing a losing game or Bravo should be worried.

Those following the saga of the former Real Housewives of New York star know that Leah is suing Bravo primarily over its work environment. She alleged that the network created an environment where producers pushed drugs and alcohol on the talent for the sake of good TV.

As a former alcoholic, this alleged environment would be highly problematic for Leah. She further implicated Bravo in her relapse. Despite Bravo’s pushbacks, Leah has not yet backed down. And it would seem she doesn’t plan to.

Leah has to remind herself of her “intentions”

On March 20, Leah appeared on the Addiction Talk podcast. During her chat, she addressed to lawsuit against Bravo. Despite all the variables in the suit, Leah felt undeterred, saying, “This is the truth, you know? And I have it on my side.”

She continued, “As hard as it is to be going up against a very powerful entity, and for people to maybe also just not agree with me or you know, come at me and get blowback and all the things, I don’t care, because this is the truth, you know?” She added, “And my intentions are really good. And I check myself all the time about that.”

Leah also spoke about where she was at with her sobriety and persistence during difficult times. “Even when you’re in a really good place, it still hurts. It’s still not an enjoyable experience to have people coming at you, or be dealing with the situation that I’m in.”

Leah was then asked if she’d do reality TV again knowing everything she knows now. She responded, “As an addict, there are so many things that have been not great, that I could regret. But what’s the point? I can’t change it now.”