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Pump Rules Season 11, Episode 9 Preview: Jo Wenberg Grinds Scheana Shay’s Gears

Jo Wenberg has been met with mixed reactions during her time on Vanderpump Rules. But Scheana Shay has no mixed feelings whatsoever. A recent preview showed that she is firmly on the team against Jo.

Jo first came into the world of VPR as a rumored flame of Tom Schwartz. The two couldn’t do much to dissuade the rumors of romance and eventually revealed there was a situationship between them.

With Schwartz as a firm ally of Tom Sandoval, public opinion was automatically stacked against Jo. But putting the Toms aside for a moment, that prejudice may have gone too far with some of Jo’s Pump Rules costars, including (and perhaps especially) Scheana.

Pump Rules Season 11, Episode 9 sneak peek: Jo said she was victim of “bullying” from VPR women

In Bravo’s preview for the upcoming Episode 9, Tom and Jo greeted James Kennedy at his turntables. James reluctantly gave Schwartz a greeting but seemed happier to see Jo. Scheana, on the other hand, looked extremely annoyed with Jo’s arrival. “Right now, I really don’t have a reason to like Jo,” she told cameras in a confessional.

“She literally drove with [Rachel Leviss] to go meet the Toms in Big Bear and then left [Rachel] with Sandoval in Big Bear.” The clip showed a flashback to the reunion where Schwartz denied this ever happening. “It was just a little like, homie hang?” Scheana asked. “Like, come on, b*tch. You knew.”

Scheana then became determined to get Jo to take her hat off so her braids wouldn’t be covered. “I’m gonna bully you,” Scheana said. “Take the f*cking hat off!” she said loudly with some playfulness. In her confessional, Jo questioned the move, saying she thought the hat was “comfortable” and looked good. She encouraged Scheana to “Chill.”

Adding to Scheana’s grievance was the fact that the hat advertised TomTom. “I’ve gotten a lot of hate from the girls,” Jo continued in her confessional. “It’s a hundred percent bullying and … it’s not fun. It’s horrible.” Scheana said that, as a stylist, Jo should’ve been showing off her hair.

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