Why Annemarie Wiley Being Cut From RHOBH Isn’t a Surprise

Annemarie Wiley
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 wasn’t all that and a bag of potato chips- in fact, it was a bit of a snooze fest. The storylines were lackadaisical, the OGs seemed complacent in their mundane lives, and the newbie, Annemarie Wiley, had a weird fetish with esophagi. Needless to say, most of us viewers were impatiently counting down the days that the season would end. Annemarie was so boring that some of us even wondered if she would appear at the reunion.

At best, Annemarie should have been given a five-minute sidebar, but Andy Cohen was gracious enough to extend an invite to her after all. Instead of humbling herself, Annemarie doubled down on most of her issues with the women, so when the cameras shut down, nobody thought for a second that she would be asked back. And it turns out we were right. 

Goodbye, Annemarie

This week, RHOBH fans were given the news they expected: Annemarie’s contract had not been renewed. As we all breathed a collective sigh of relief, the all-around 8.5 took her Instagram to share some thoughts. The 41-year-old wrote, “To say that I’m disappointed is an understatement.” The mother revealed, “I never auditioned for this show. The show found me and asked me to be on it out of the blue, 6 weeks after the cast had already started filming. I was thrown into filming 2 weeks later, mid-season.”

At first, Annemarie looked as if she would fit in, but after an endless debate regarding Sutton Stracke’s health issues, fans quickly soured on her. It’s too bad Annemarie couldn’t make lemonade out of those lemons, but the tide turned fast. Annemarie added, “I was very excited about the opportunity, and I thought following exactly what I was instructed to do throughout filming last season was the way the ‘game was played. Listening to what I was instructed to do was my rookie mistake. … Contrary to what was shown on TV, I am not obsessed with the esophagus! LOL.” Whatever, A. 

Annemarie was in cancel waters

Even though I feel like her statement is pretty honest, I also feel like Annemarie was circling the drain when it came to cancelable moments. The cameras showed that Annemarie does stand by her husband and her various cancelable life situations, including her job title confusion and her husband’s allegations. I think she was approached by production and told to pick on Sutton, but it all went horribly wrong, which is the main reason I am not surprised she got axed. Bravo had no use for her on the series if she wasn’t a workable puppet. 

Did Bravo even vet her?

I almost feel like they just took Kyle Richards’ word that Annemarie was going to be a perfect fit and forgot to do any form of background check. The producers just went nuts by throwing her in the mix without screen-testing her. I mean, at least set up a one-on-one lunch first. In my opinion, Bravo did Annemarie dirty with a lot of her edits, as she was often perceived as shallow. There wasn’t an effort to humanize the rookie or make her look like anything more than a one-dimensional antagonist. The lack of sympathy for Annemarie was a huge issue and ultimately what signed her death warrant with Bravo. Fans just didn’t care. 

There were clues

I’m no Nancy Drew, but I felt like I saw this demotion/firing coming from a mile away. Not only was Annemarie introduced mid-season, but she also had a lot of her solo footage left on the cutting room floor. There was no way she was going to recover from her two catty feuds. Another big red flag was the fact that it didn’t look like Annemarie made any real connection with her co-stars. During the reunion, she was left alone on an island as she tried to defend herself. Sadly, Annemarie was the most obvious one-hit wonder the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ever had. I’d give her a solid 8.5. 

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