RHOBH Season 14 Films Soon, but Who Should Come Back?

Photo Credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has barely hung up the film reels from Season 13, but I am already thinking full steam ahead to Season 14. This latest season was a bit blah if I’m being totally honest. I waited all season to see what the hell was going on with Kyle Richards but instead was left on the side of a road feeling like a puddle was continuously drenching me. I needed so much more than the franchise was willing to give, and because of this, I think some changes are in order. 

Annemarie Wiley

I don’t even have to think about this one. Annemarie Wiley should have been asked to hand her diamond back as soon as the reunion stopped filming. I don’t necessarily think she was a bad person; I just think she was a horrific Real Housewives star. She tried to make her freshman season happen, but the flame burned a little too brightly. In my opinion, Annemarie had a messy personality, and when she was trying to be assertive, she came off as a mean girl. 

Annemarie was messy AF and couldn’t keep her stories straight. Perhaps the most infuriating part of Annemarie’s storyline was how she felt she could bring others down thanks to her medical background. The whole narrative regarding Sutton Stracke was disgusting since she knew damn well there was such a thing as a diagnosis of esophagus stricture. It’s actually pretty damn common. So thanks, but no thanks Annemarie. Auditions for the open seat will take place shortly. 

Dorit Kemsley

Even Andy Cohen finds Dorit Kemsley boring, which says a lot. She is naturally long-winded in every story she tells, and it didn’t go unnoticed that she had no storyline. I didn’t need to hear about her past break-in. I didn’t care that PK Kemsley was always in London. And frankly, I felt like she wasn’t the greatest friend to Kyle. I will say I felt a bit sorry for the mother of two, who was ganged up at the reunion. But I get why. Both Garcelle Beauvais and Crystal Kung Minkoff were exhausted by her off-the-cuff insensitive remarks, and so was I.

Dorit has been unwatchable for some time now, and her Little Red Riding Hood-themed reunion gown only proved to me that she is living in a land of fairytales. I will admit I haven’t been a real Dorit fan since she first appeared because she is not quirky, funny, relatable, or self-aware. She is just annoying, and to be honest, there are better annoying people I’d choose to watch.  

Kyle Richards

So help me, God. I am willing to give Kyle another chance and another season. But details must be revealed because what is the point of having her stay on the show if fans learn nothing about the divorce? I do think she has contributed a lot to her run on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills but I’m going to need a whole hell of a lot more from the mother of four. Kyle has been important in many previous seasons; there’s no denying that. But I feel like she’s starting to fizzle out. So, one last chance, Ms. Kyle. Shape up or ship out. 

Sutton Stracke

Sutton is my queen, and I need her to be given a contract ASAP. I feel like the wealthy Santino owner is the only one who will have the pearls to tell her co-stars to “name ‘em” every time they have issues with her. I’m not in denial; I see that Sutton is kooky at best. She has a lifestyle that most of us will never relate to, and some of her struggles are the definition of first-world problems.

However, Sutton can have a hard conversation, say she’s sorry, hear a mean comment, and deal with it. For the most part, she is giving us relatability. Sutton marches to the beat of her own drum. Her opinions and reactions are often unique and sometimes strange, which makes her great for reality TV. If anyone deserves to hold tight to their diamond, it is Sutton.