Why Robyn Dixon Leaving RHOP Could Be the Worst Thing To Happen

Robyn Dixon
Photo by Mindy Small/Getty Images

Season 8 of Real Housewives of Potomac has been quite the snooze fest. Some of the OG cast seemed to be resting on their laurels. This season has drained me between a ridiculous feud, Ashley Darby’s lack of divorce, and Candiace Dillard Bassett’s overuse of a triangle square. I miss the old days when the green-eyed bandits were wreaking havoc. Instead, this time around, I was given a very reserved Robyn Dixon. Rumors spilled out this week that the mother of two was digging up her cherry blossoms and walking away from the franchise. But I think it would be a mistake, and here’s why. 

Robyn is beloved

I will always give a Bravo housewife a second chance after a poor season. Besides, Robyn is the one who gave us the immortal words, “I am so glad Juan Dixon isn’t here right now.” After nine seasons, however, The Jasmine Brand is reporting that the OG is out. The news isn’t official, but the outlet also reported that Robyn could be a guest star on future episodes and might consider returning in a full-time capacity. Robyn had a questionable season as she kept most of her cards close to her chest. 

Fans like myself were not pleased that word on the street was Jaundering Juan Dixon had been spotted out and about. Robyn refused to address her marital issues and instead took any information she chose to share to her podcast. Not cool. But for Robyn to just pack it in and leave would be an upset for the series. Yes, she has been lazy these last few seasons, but I believe she adds so much more than she is being given credit for. 

Robyn is queen

Robyn is my rose. She is smart, hardworking, doesn’t spoil her kids, is game for anything, incredibly strong yet open and authentic about what she is going through (most of the time), gorgeous, and has a tomboy aesthetic. Since Season 1, she has been one of my favorites. So people might argue that as time went on, Robyn became boring, but hear me out. The Real Housewives of Potomac is FULL of an “I’m a star” type personality, and I would argue that Robyn is a breath of fresh air. I also think it is rare for viewers to see a genuine friendship in the franchise, which is what her and Gizelle Bryant’s relationship is. Even if you may not like it, Robyn has pretty much stayed true to the person she has always been. 

For more than half the series, Robyn’s life has been a central focal point for the storyline. Yes, the Juan stuff isn’t always adding up, and the former NBA player gives off some weird AF vibes, but I also think the women tried to make Robyn’s marital issues a thing when it wasn’t. Robyn is perfect because of her history with most of the OGs. Robyn’s on-screen chemistry with the women is what makes me watch the show, not her fallout with Juan. 

Robyn asks questions

Even though Robyn might have forgotten to ask herself some of those hard questions, she has never had an issue mixing it up with the women and challenging their stories. Robyn is all about accountability for other people, and while it gets her in trouble, I live for her reads. Robyn is the resident recorder and loves to catch the other women getting into their battles. Heck, some of the best footage has come from Robyn’s own handheld camera.

Robyn dressing up as the pizza man to expose Karen Huger will forever live rent-free in my head. Her interaction is like a comedy sketch, and she gives the show levity. Robyn, Gizelle, and Karen are so comfortable in front of the camera that if one of them chooses to leave, the show won’t have legs to stand. Robyn is a part of the sisterhood, so if one goes, it is going to feel weird. 

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