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Lisa Vanderpump Teases Vanderpump Villa: Too Early for Pump Rules Comparisons

Vanderpump Villa is fast approaching, and Lisa Vanderpump hit the promotion trail running by discussing comparisons to Vanderpump Rules.

Hulu dropped the official trailer for Lisa’s new show on March 6. Since hitting YouTube, the trailer has amassed 11 million views. To say this show has some buzz would be an understatement.

Perhaps Vanderpump Villa could provide fans with the drama that VPR Season 11 hasn’t delivered on, especially after an explosive Season 10. See what Lisa had to say when comparing the two.

Lisa says Villa’s cast could become messier than VPR’s

In an interview with TooFab, Lisa spoke about the Villa experience compared to VPR. “It was totally different living with my staff. It was totally different taking people to the other side of the world that I didn’t know.”

“I mean, I knew some of them ’cause [they] worked for me, but they all had to be very qualified, so I was looking for the best person for the job, because as I said, we were gonna start opening up the Chateau to the guests.”

When asked which show had the messier cast, Lisa said, “Over 12 years, I mean, we’ve seen everything … I mean, Vanderpump Rules maybe takes the biscuit, but these guys were only there a couple of months, so give them time.”

She continued, “It’s funny because people are asking me what’s the comparison — Vanderpump Rules was never just about my staff, ’cause I had 300 people working for me at the time. It was about a group of friends who were in existence and how fascinating their dynamic was.”

As for Villa, Lisa said, “This is about the staff and the guests. It’s totally different… this is more visual as well, and also, you have the guests involved, and there’s many different scenarios you see in the show that’s nothing like Vanderpump Rules.”

Vanderpump Villa hits Hulu on Monday, April 1. Vanderpump Rules continues Tuesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.