Rachel Leviss
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Rachel Leviss Celebrating One Year Sober: ‘Huge Accomplishment’

You have to hand it to Rachel Leviss. Her role in the Scandoval of it all that was revealed in March 2023 and unfolded in Season 10 of Vanderpump Rules was definitely disappointing. However, she did get to work trying to better herself pretty quickly.

Rachel entered a mental health facility in April 2023 and remained there for a number of weeks. As a result, she left the show and completely cut off Tom Sandoval and the rest of the VPR crew.

Since leaving treatment, she’s taken steps to maintain her progress. Most notably, she just revealed that she’s about to celebrate a whole year sober.

Rachel on mental health and being sober: “I’m really proud of how far I’ve come”

Yesterday, Rachel chatted with E! News on the iHeartradio Music Awards red carpet about the measures she’s taking to maintain the self-improvements she’s made in the wake of her enormously public affair with Tom.

Rachel shared that one of her priorities has been her physical fitness. “I’ve been diving right into hot yoga. I’m doing Pilates, hiking, just staying really active, so that my mind doesn’t go spinning.”

She says she’s also been “creating a good community” of positive influences by “cutting out substances.” Rachel has good reason to celebrate, because tomorrow marks a whole year of sobriety for her!

Rachel revealed, “I am almost a year sober. I’ll be a year sober on Wednesday. So, it’s a huge accomplishment. And I’m just really proud of how far I’ve come.”

Avoiding the negativity on social media has been another part of her wellness agenda. According to Rachel, she’s unfollowed a lot of accounts, “except for a select few that are a little bit more biased towards my side, because I like to at least know that my voice is being heard.”

She still discusses Pump Rules on her pod, Rachel Goes Rogue, despite no longer being a part of the cast. Talking about it all on her own terms has seemingly been cathartic.

“Just sharing what I’ve learned about myself through this journey. And hopefully helping other people who have been through abusive relationships, toxic friend groups, that can relate to what I’m talking about.”

“I feel like it’s given me my power back. And I just feel empowered doing it,” she concluded.

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