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Shannon Beador Makes Alexis Bellino Connection to New Lawsuit, John Janssen Denies Claims

Shannon Beador’s struggling these days. In addition to her DUI arrest, she’s also battling it out with her ex, John Janssen. First, her man moved on with the Real Housewives of Orange County alum, Alexis Bellino. Then, Alexis returned to filming, because drama sells.

Consequently, John proceeded to sue Shannon, as he had lent her money for a facelift and now wants it back. When Shannon offered to repay John though, he wildly turned her down. Now, back in 2019, Shannon had another legal battle, with Alexis’s name attached, so she’s starting to feel those ‘ol déjà vu vibes. Not holding back, Shannon took her opinions on this matter to the airwaves, and in response, John said not today Satan Shannon, not today, neck face.

Shannon strikes

Appearing on SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis Live, Jeff asked Shannon if John had lent her money. In response, Shannon said, “There were two times where he gave me money, and there were many times where I paid for things.” Jeff then asked Shannon why John was asking for these funds back now, as the pair broke up back in 2022. Shrugging, Shannon replied “Well, I’ve had two lawsuits. They’ve both had Bellino around it.”

When pressed, Shannon also admitted that she wasn’t sure if Alexis was involved in John’s lawsuit or not. She only noted that “it is very coincidental.” To explain, back in 2019, Alexis’s now ex-husband, Jim Bellino, sued Shannon and Tamra Judge for defamation. Jim lost, but Shannon had to spend a lot of money on legal fees, fighting against his claims.

John jabs back

John’s not here for Shannon’s shade. Speaking through his attorney to Page Six, John’s representation states there’s “no connection” between the lawsuit and Alexis. In addition, “Mr. Janssen filed the lawsuit, because it is apparently the only way he will be able to recover the money he loaned Ms. Beador. Ms. Beador has been bad-mouthing him on ‘RHOC’ for years, telling complete falsehoods, and Mr. Janssen doesn’t want to be accused of breaching a non-disparagement provision when he sets the record straight.”


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