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The Valley’s Jason Caperna Understands Ariana Madix’s Fury on Pump Rules

Ariana Madix is mad as hell since Tom Sandoval’s affair with Rachel Leviss wrecked her entire world. Right now, we’re all watching Vanderpump Rules Season 11 play out. In this, Ariana’s rage is raging, which she’s getting a lot of heat for. Thankfully, she’s got a supporter coming in for the assist, and it’s none other than The Valley’s levelheaded star Jason Caperna, who understands Ariana’s anger.

To note, the filming for this season occurred right after this affair leaked. For us as viewers, an entire year has since passed. Keeping this tight filming schedule in our minds might serve us all well, as it’ll help us understand Ariana’s wrath. These days, Ariana’s much calmer, because she’s got the entire world at her fingertips, and now, she’s also got a friend in Jason.

Jason gets it

Popping on over to the Vanderpump Rules After Show, Jason launches right into his thoughts on Ariana’s set boundaries with her ex, saying “Generally speaking, I am a person who likes to bridge gaps between people. But with Ariana and Tom, I’m like, you know what, what he did, to me, is just at [another] level … If Ariana doesn’t want to be around him, and she doesn’t want her friends around him, I totally get it.”

Jason also spilled some tea. You see, well before this affair was uncovered, Jason hung out with Ariana, Tom, and Rachel, and he’s disappointed looking back and knowing what he does now. On this, Jason explains “Just being around them before everything broke, is now very eye-opening. The way that the three of them would hang out and just be like, ‘I love you. I love you,’ and like, always [be] all up on each other … It’s hard for me to ever get over that, personally.”

In addition, Jason’s also pretty understanding of Ariana’s desire to keep her friends separated from Tom’s friends. “If you want to hang out with him, then you have to face the repercussions of her not wanting to hang out with you,” he expressed. On Tom’s treatment of Ariana, Jason’s not a fan. This is also making him question why anyone would even want to be friends “with someone like that.”

You’ve got a friend in Jason, Ariana. And also, in Katie Maloney.

Vanderpump Rules continues on Tuesday at 8/7c on Bravo.