Should Bette Midler Join The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

Bette Midler
Photo by Kayla Oaddams/WireImage via Getty Images

Over the years, many women have wanted to try their luck on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but perhaps none bigger than the famed Bette Midler. Most of the time, the diamond holders are B- to C-list celebrities who trade in their Hollywood dreams for a shot on reality TV. They bring the drama via snark and gossip, and sometimes I am not even sure these women are really friends. So imagine my surprise when The Divine Miss M revealed she wouldn’t mind giving the 90210 franchise a shot. 

Bette takes her shot

The diva took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share a few surprising opinions including maybe wanting to make the jump to Bravo instead of taking part in another feature film. She asked, “Is it too late for me to become a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills? I’ve never watched it, but I am in the mood to talk some shit. And to get paid for it? A dream.” Talk about a glorious crossover. Picture it: Bette as Bette or Bette as Winifred Sanderson or Bette as Brenda Cushman. As Bette’s Hocus Pocus character, Winnie would say to the rest of the women, “Prepare to meet thy doom!” 

Do it, Bette!

The legend is main actress material so I have no doubt she would liven up the group of women who currently care more about their designer handbags and storylines. Even Andy Cohen agrees that “It’s time!” Bette wants to be the wind beneath Andy’s wings, and I am here for it. Bette would undoubtedly bring a comical edge that is light and filled with truth bombs. Unlike Erika Jayne, who is rather cutting with her tongue, Bette would be a witty counterpart. Honestly, I believe the Academy Award winner would eat some of them alive (Dorit Kemsley is the first one who springs to mind.) 

Bette has history

In 1968, Steve Ostrown opened a gay bathhouse in the basement of The Ansonia Hotel in New York City. One of the main attractions was a young Bette, whose pianist was Barry Manilow. From an early age, Bette learned how to perform for a crowd and is proud of her bathhouse days. This makes me think that she would give the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills a fair shot. Even if Bette joined for just one wrecking ball season, it would be astonishing. 

Something tells me that Bette could possibly get along with Kyle Richards since both have actually acted in major films. Love her or hate her, Kyle is the most reasonable. I do think Erika would kiss up a lot, but Bette would probably put her and her Las Vegas show in her place. I’d love a good Bette read, honestly. 

Would Bette really do it?

A part of me really feels like Bette is better than Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I am not convinced she would be the best addition simply because most of the ladies would spend the entire season kissing her behind. Bette is an icon—a real icon. I can only imagine the rest of the cast would be highly intimidated by her. The idea might have worked if she was a part of the OG cast but Bette has a career and an image to uphold. 

I also can’t imagine that Bette would stoop to the level of yelling like the rest of the women usually end up doing. I think she could have a civil discussion, but the other ladies won’t know what to do with that type of vibe. While I do think Bette could be the woman to resort to Bravo and wake Andy up from his complacent last few years, I just think it is probably best if she stays in her lane where she is revered. 

I will say, though, if she did somehow decide to appear in the series, it be a miracle. Bette’s in the mood to talk some shit, and we’re in the mood to hear it!

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