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Kyle Richards Needs ‘A Break’ From Reality TV

Kyle Richards has loved not having to talk about her marital woes as of late. 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills OG discussed the current state of her marriage with E! News and said not having to film has given her a much-needed break. “I, personally, am just trying not to think about it,” she said. “Because I need a break from all of that. As soon as the reunion finished and wrapped then Buying Beverly Hills started, so I just kept having in my face over and over again. I’m like, ‘I just need a break.’ Whenever they talk about it, I’m like, ‘Too soon, guys!'”

The diamond-holder faced a lot of heat during Season 13, especially from her friend, Sutton Stracke. The accusations, questions, and drama have caused her to consider whether she wants to return. When speaking about a potential 14th season, the reality star flipped the question on its head, adding: “Would you want to go back?!”

Kyle says she and Mau are in a “different place” today… 

In case you need a refresher, Kyle and Mauricio Umansky spoke publicly about their split in 2023. Since then, they’ve both been spotted out and about with others, causing many in the Bravoverse to speculate. 

During the RHOBH Season 13 reunion, host Andy Cohen challenged Kyle to speak about some of the things that happened during her marriage to Mau. She revealed during Part 3 of the special that something occurred that caused her to lose trust in him. However, she never said what it was. Now that filming is over, Kyle is more than happy to leave it behind her. 

“I feel some relief, absolutely,” she said. “It was really difficult because when we first started the season, Mauricio and I really didn’t know what was going on.” She continued, saying, “Obviously, we’re in a different place now.”

Mau also addressed the headlines during Season 2 of his Netflix series, Buying Beverly Hills. There were definitely challenges,” he said before the premiere. “It was happening; it was real life.” 

“The reality is that we are going through our issues after being married for 28, 29 years. We did it and we chose to put it on camera and it was great, and now the audience gets to see the way that we interacted with each other.”

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